Nebraska the cornhusker state

Nebraska is the leading state in hogs, beef cattle, corn, food prossesing, and soybeans.
Nebraska is the founder of Arbor day, and the very first day of Arbor day, they planted 1 million trees.
Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska, and Lincon and Grand Island are the smaller cities.
The white tailed deer is the state's animal, the cottonwood tree is the state's tree, and the Western meadowlark is the state's bird.
Lincoln is the state capitol of Nebraska.
" Equality before the law " is the state motto.

Nebraska is the only state that took it's nickname from a college mascot, the University of Nebraska's Cornhusker.

This is an Indian of the Sioux tribe. The Sioux tribe made their home in Nebraska with a couple other tribes. They survived on fishing, hunting, and farming.
This is famous actor Fred Astair, and Willa Cather's book, O PIONEERS! The author of O PIONEERS was born in Nebraska, and so was Fred Astair.


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