Friends and Family Mine come with nuts and fruitcakes. Isn't it grand?

To begin with, there are my grandsons, Rowan and Rhys. I think they are adorable!

My son, Michael is an all-around good dad and my grandsons adore him!

Don't mess with Rowan. He earned his black sash last year!

Rhys looks so curious and subdued here, but he operates with all pistons firing at the same time.

Did I mention he can have an attitude?
Linda, Art and their two girls, Aria and Kira.

Then there is my sister, Linda, and her husband, Art, who retired from the Navy last year. I just love them to pieces!

Pretty Tame so Far, huh?

Bet you are wondering, "Where are the nuts?"
The nuts are disguised, but believe me, they are here!

My sister, Erika, visited me in December. (Why does everybody look "normal" except me?)

Then there is my friend, Liz. I don't care how "normal" she looks, Liz is 100% nuts!

Her taste in men is worse than mine!

My friend, Karen, on her 70th birthday. Don't believe for a minute that her grandchildren gave her those plastic beads to "dress her up!" That's a cover story, no doubt.

Then there are my friends, Betty, Cinda and Heleyde. Betty used to make cardboard boats and sail them in competitions in the Gulf of Mexico (just as crazy as the Red Bull competitions we have today) and Heleyde is just plain loco... never mind how sweet she looks here!

These are my Red Hat sisters. Yes, we really go out wearing purple clothes and wild, red hats!

Virginia (on her birthday, hence the purple hat.)
Queen Judith

Some of my best, nuttiest friends I don't see often enough...

Brian is also a great father!

Some, live only in my heart and memories...

No, Tod... the lights go on the tree!
Some of my friends prove creative minds work differently...
See what I mean?
I think I have some great friends and family!

The folks I love most understand what Oscar Wilde meant when he said:

"Life is too important to be taken seriously!"

Hope you enjoy the nuts and fruitcakes in your life!

The End

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