Lino-cut print By Abby Scott

The project assignment...

To make a prints of an endangered species out of linoleum. We make a stamp from a linoleum and put ink on them. We then make a number of beautiful prints.

Planing process- From the time the project started I knew I wanted to make my print a Venus fly trap, because I have always liked them. I considered several angles for my print. Some of my peers helped me decide on the one with grass blades, because there was more excitement in the content. I decided on that one.

My proccess basicly consited of cutting away the linolium outside of the deighn until the only raised up area was the desigh. I then was ready to put ink on my stamp and make prints. I ran into the issue of the print being blochy, but I fixed that by using more ink.

I normally do not say this but think I deserve a 100 percent on this project because I surprised myself with my craftsmanship. The stamp and prints were well thought out and precise.


Created with images by BotheredByBees - "venus fly trap" • BotheredByBees - "venus fly trap"

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