Digital Portfolio Fine Art Prep.

STill Life



Artist Statement

Relocating to a different state with a different mindset of challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and try new things that I never thought of doing makes me proud because now I'm here at Bel Air High School taking an Art Prep class.Which was very challenging to do because I came in knowing nothing about art and as time goes my knowledge for art and skills increases.Even though I can draw I challenge myself with every drawing I do to do better than the last time .when I look at old pictures I analyze it to see things that I need to work on more to better my drawing I'm always willing to improve in all my drawings.To me I love having a Art Prep class because it relax my brain from the other classes, and things that's on my mind that might be bothering me.Art is more like a break from everything where you can get in your whole little world.I never knew how much art class can help you in emotionally an physically. Art class can make you inhabit an open mind,better decision making,and


Final Still Life Assessment

The subject matter was an painting of an Elephant. I put a lot of thoughts in my drawing mixing and figuring out what colors can be used. I took an artistic risk by adding paint as my media and using multiple colors(thinking outside the box).I used painting and thicken get to form my drawing.Before drawing final drawing I sketched it out on a blank sheet of paper. After drawing it I mixed the colors that I wanted to use into 4 different shades.I used tools/media safely and was mindful of the supplies used.My style of drawing was mainly focus on Fauvism and balance. I believe I did a great job on my artwork even thought I wasn't in my comfort zone. When going into the project I doubted myself and was going to give up and change the idea but I continued with the process which turned out well. Balance brought out the elephant more with the bright different colors in the elephant and dark colors as the back ground.I used shapes and lines to create the elephant/moon.When I finished drawing I posted up my artwork and walk away from it to see what needed fixing. After I fixed my artwork I put my stuff back and starting working on the rubric. Then I started a new painting. When brainstorming I used the internet to look at other drawings that involved fauvism then I see drawings that caught my eyes so I start sketching in my book at least 3 times to get it right.then I move on to the final drawing

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