Hatchet Created by: Morgan Smith

In Hatchet, a book written by Gary Paulsen, there is a 13 year old boy who is hit by the unexpected. Brian is traveling from his home in New York to visit his father in the Canadian oil fields. His pilot, Jim or Jake or something, suffered a heart attack while flying the plane and there was no one there to help fly the plane. On his way to the airport, his mother gave him a hatchet that somehow he kept with himself throughout his whole journey.

When Brian's plane crashed in the canadian forest, he was all alone and had to fend for himself. After one exhausting night, Brian works to build a shelter to soon call his home. As he looks for a good place to build, he finds a stone overhang and built a wood wall to secure his new home.
One night a sneaky little porcupine came into the shelter and as Brian was trying to kill it with his hatchet, he missed the porcupine. Instead of hitting the porcupine, the hatchet hit the stone and sparks flew. And at that moment he had just made fire.

A couple weeks have passed and Brian is now cooking food better and faster than he ever was before. Brian went to take a drink in the lake and he saw some fish swimming around in the lake. After he cooked some and ate some, he made a little pond to keep the fish in. This way he had fish all of the time.

Just as Brian feels it is going good and everything is better, bad things happen. As he is washing a fool bird that he has caught, a moose drove him into a lake. After he has recovered he slowly rushes back to the shelter just as a storm begins. Now this is not like any other normal storm. It was a tornado.

This tornado took Brian's shelter and totally destroyed it. Ripping everything apart, piece after piece, fish after fish. The next morning, he faces the awful ruins of what used to be his home. He has no clue when they will come to rescue him, so he must rebuild his shelter.

As Brian is looking for supplies, he comes across the tail of the plane. He can see the survival pack still in it. After a long time of getting the courage to go get it he finally builds a raft. The next day he goes out to get the survival pack.

Brian finally gets his survival pack. He drags it to shore. He opens it and finds all sorts of treasures. Such as a sleeping bag, aluminum cook-set, silverware, matches, compass, an emergency transmitter, bandages, and most importantly; food. Once Brian saw the food, he had no clue what do with it. He was so excited to have so many meals and be able to eat so easily.

After Brian found the emergency transmitter he turned it on and set it down. He didn't even think it worked. Later he found out that is was on and someone had heard it.
After he went through every treat that was in the survival pack he saw the food. He purposely saved the food for last. At first, Brian decided to wait and be careful with his food, but then he decided to have a big feast and then be cautious.
The person on the other side of the transmitter was able to locate Brian and he sent out a plane to rescue him. Once the rescuer came to Brian, he stood there in shock. He didn't think Brian would still be alive. He told Brian that they had stopped looking two months ago. Brian offered the man some food and they shared a meal together.

In conclusion this story was about a boy having to fend for himself in a completely new place. He learns to live with nature instead of living in nature. After Brian was rescued he went home and was famous. But that died down after some time. Brian learned to appreciate all that he has throughout his unexpected adventure.


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