The Real Reason You Should Book Your Next Disney Trip With Ears of Experience by Shannon Stuemke

A few months back I wrote a blog "Using an Ears of Experience Travel Agent when Planning your Disney Trip." I offered up about 5 different reasons as to why a client should book their Disney Vacation with an agent who specializes in Disney. I still believe those reasons to be true and valid. When I wrote that blog back in October, I was only about 3 months into this new business of mine. I knew that I worked with a really great team of agents who had a lot of experience in all things Disney. There were agents that had been doing this for a really long time and new agents like myself trying to figure this all out. The one thing that has become clearer to me over the past few months, and vividly clear to me over the past week is that you should choose an Ears of Experience agent because of the passion they hold for planning your Disney Vacation. I realize that might sound corny, but until you have sat in a room with over 80 Ears' agents, please don't judge, and let me explain!

Owner: Amy Westerman

I first want to start off with the person who had the vision of bringing this company to life back in 2009. Without Amy Westerman's confidence and courage to take her idea and run with it, I know I would not be doing what I am doing today, and I have a feeling this may hold true for many other agents. She has passed on her passion (there is that word again) and love for planning magical getaways for families to all of the agents at Ears of Experience. Her expectations for this team of over 200 agents is for us to be the "mouse experts." Because of her high expectations for us, we are able to provide our clients with the most magical Disney Vacation imaginable.

The next piece of the puzzle that makes our agents what they are, is the office staff that backs us. We are not alone in what we do! This is a well oiled machine of people who make sure that Ears' agents get what they need in order to do their job right. These people make sure we are update on all the best tips and tricks to give to our clients. They help to take care of the business end of things so the agents can spend more time concentrating on you, the client. This is why we are successful, and this is why we are the "mouse experts!"

Over 80 agents gathered for our annual conference at Walt Disney World!

​The Ears of Experience agents...

I can't say enough. Every single one of us has our story for why we are in this business. When I gathered with over 80 of them this past week at our annual "Polish Your Ears" conference in Walt Disney World, these words came to my mind: team, selfless, caring, and family.

Team and Selflessness-This truly is a team effort. Although being a travel agent can be somewhat of a "cut throat" type of business, this group comes together for the greater good of providing excellent service! The willingness to share ideas about what works and what doesn't in order to make a better travel experience for our clients is a rarity. From my point of view, there was no selflessness. This team of people came together to help each other grow in their business. The ideas being shared were amazing! Again, this is what makes us "mouse experts."

Me in the center with my fellow roommates/agents.

Caring and Family-We are over 200 agents that come from all over the country, and some of us even live across the pond while a loved one serves our country. We all have our things going on in life. Some things are good, and some things are exactly the opposite of good. This past week I saw people who see each other maybe once a year or, know each other from a name on Facebook, come together and lift each other up just as a family would. The caring nature of these people was evident Most of us were far away from our families, but it still felt like you were with family. So why is this important to you as an Ears' client? Why should you care that our team feels like family? Our family like atmosphere is a direct correlation with the type of service you receive as an Ears' client. We are truly a group of people that not only have a passion for Disney, but we have a passion for caring for other people. We want your vacation to be as magical as our own vacation! It brings us joy to hear how excited you are about your Disney trip, and we share in your heartbreak when Disney is a last wish destination. I can't speak for every agent, but my clients become a little like family for a period of time. Learning about likes, dislikes, special celebrations, and other details of our client's lives is what makes us able to plan that perfect vacation for our clients. This is what makes us "mouse experts."

And finally, as I mentioned above, we are over 200 agents strong! Some of us have been doing this for a very long time, and some us our brand new, but bring our own Disney knowledge and experiences with us. While we are all individuals running our own business, we are a part of a greater team. Chances are, if your particular agent does not know the answer to your question, one of us is in the background with the answer. Even the most complicated situation for traveling to Disney can probably be figured out when you have over 200 brains to pick. This is what makes us the "mouse experts!" Book your next Disney Vacation with Ears of Experience, LLC!​ is not affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with, The Walt Disney Company


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