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Octavian Augustus


Octavian Augustus was a Roman emperor. After Julius Caesar was killed on the ides of March, Mark Antony and Augustus formed the second triumvirate.


Their first order of business was the killing of anyone who opposed Caesar. The Second Trimvirate then turned their attention to Caesar’s assassins. At the Battle of Phillipi in October 42 BCE, the forces of Brutus and Cassius were defeated by those of the Second Triumvirate forcing both assassins to kill themselves.

Social/ Cultural Aspects

Augustus being popular already with the soldiers of his army, the title Augustus solidified his power in the provinces as Imperator, or commander-in-chief. The month of August was named in his honor.

Achievements and legacy

The era of Augustus’ reign was a golden age in every respect. The peace which Augustus restored and kept (the Pax Romana, was a period of relative peace and stability across the Roman Empire which lasted for over 200 years, beginning with the reign of Augustus) caused the economy, the arts and agriculture to flourish. He passed many laws that maintain the stability in marriage and birth rates. He worked to improve and beautify the city of Rome, and this won his citizens over.

Bust of Augustus

Map of Roman Empire




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