Tool Time By:LAuren Gruber

Do you know how different animals make tools? Well if you don’t I will tell you. In this article you will learn how different animals make tools on land,sea, and air. I think they are super cool.

Firstly, Animals on land you can go and find on earth your self. For example, Capuchin monkeys takes a palm nut and a rock, He puts the palm nut on a log and smashes it with the rock. Also a chimpanzee takes a piece of grass and puts it in a termite mound for a couple seconds and pulls it out and termites. YUM!

Animals in the ocean are really cool. A Dolphin takes a sea sponge from the sea floor. Consequently, the dolphin’s nose is protected from the rocks. Isn't that cool. In addition, a veined octopus will take shells from the sea floor and make a suit of armor.

Lastly, there are animals in the air that use tools. Like a Striated Herons. It fishes for fish a it uses insects, berries, and twigs for bait. And a New Caledonian crows Make left handed and righted tools.

To conclude, I hope you learned how different animals make tools on land, in the sea, and in the air. I hope you liked this article about animals. Maybe next time you go to the zoo you’ll see the animals doing some of the things in this article!


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