My movies: The good and the Bad By Sam wirth

Remember the titans showed the ability of people to come together for a cause greater than anyone person, in this case it was football.

The Casting for each role seemed to be perfect and the message of friendship and co-existence is clear and rings true with anyone who watches it.

The evolving relationship between Julius Campbell (left) and Garry Bertier (right) is my favorite part as it shows that acceptance may not be a quick process but it is an important and ultimately beneficial one.
Hands down the worst movie I have ever watched: "The Angry Birds Movie"

This was my reaction after the movie was done too.

The movie is a "comedy" but i never laughed. The movie has an extremely see through plot that has been over played. However, most importantly.....IT IS BASED OFF OF A VIDEO GAME!!! I mean when has that ever worked out?

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