La Historia de Espana Joe huber 8 estrellas

Spain was a great a place to stop, refuel, trade, and repair boats. A lot of people wanted to invade.
The Celtas invadido from present day France, it ended up dividing Spain
Later the Romanos easily took over Spain because of advanced tactics and they expanded their military, but they later collapsed
The last group to invade Spain were the Moros, they invaded from Northern Africa and easily derrotado Visigoth Kingdoms taking control of the peninsula.
Cristianos and Muslims did not stop lucha, eventually Spain was made up of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
When the Inquisición started many people were tortured until they converted to Christianity, if they did not convertir they were forced to leave Spain
When Charles V came into power Spain was thriving and the Spanish empire grew rapidly. Passed his rule to his son Felipe II, who continued the wars against Protestantes.
Felipe II later had a son named Felipe III who took his place and there were kings up until Felipe IV. During the rule of Felipe IV Spain prospered and was the greatest era in Spain
There was war over who would rule over all of Spain between the royal families. A second war started as a rebellion, created a constitution that started a parliamentary monarchy. Spain was constantly switching between a monarchy and democracy to see which one would solve the countries problems.
A civil war started by general francisco franco. Got help from Italy and German and won the Civil War in 1939.


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