Apocalyptica Road to ruin

Apocalyptica - Road to Ruin has grown from a seed of an idea..

Smile - the bomb has dropped!

A road run was originally planned to include RatBikes, Rat-Rods, Survival Bikes, Radically Militarised Cars and Vans - in fact anything that would not look out of place in a Mad Max movie.

It quickly became apparent that the weight of interest in a Post-Apocalyptic themed Ride-Out was going to need a significant arena for the start point. It was then that we decided to invade a disused airfield in the North Buckinghamshire countryside, that proved ideal for such a gathering.

Interest has been shown from all over the UK and even from Europe, so we decided to extend the run to a full-on Armageddon Weekender.

There will be Bands, DJs, food, beer and mad motorised vehicles, driven by Warboys and TankGirls, Post-Apocalyptic dress code will be expected to be adopted by ALL attendees.

The Road to Ruin road run will be a convoy of all viable vehicles heading out on the Saturday for a 45 mile wheeled search for sustenance, stopping at a Transport Cafe for Armageddon Tea and Biscuits before returning to the site in the afternoon.

Fix it!Entrance will strictly be by pre-book ticket ONLY. there will be no ticket sales on-site - No Ticket = No Entry. Any person found onsite without a confirmed ticket will be ejected.

Please note: There will be no organised LARP (Live Action Role Play) at this event. Visitors are very welcome (and encouraged) to create tented/tarped enclaves and interact as a post-apoclyptic community.


Seamus Waldron

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