Kenya Jalani Brown

Politics-The country of Kenya is under a Representative democracy. A small number of officials are elected to represent a larger group. In Kenya the president is not only head of the government, but is also head of the state. The president can be in office for 2 five year terms. A person 18 and older is allowed to vote in Kenya just as it is in the United States. In 2010 there was a new constitution that decreased the president's power.

Economics- Kenyan shilling is known as the currency in Kenya. The average monthly wage is 6,498 shillings, which is equal to 76 dollars the the United States. Forty-two percent of Kenya's people live under poverty. The unemployment rate in Kenya is 35% and 80% of those people are under the age of 35.

Religion- Majority of Kenya people practice christianity. The most established churches are the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. The next largest religion is Islam. 45% of the population practice Christianity, 33% are Roman Catholics and 10% are Islam. There are more than 4,000 registered churches in Kenya. Religion is a big part of Kenya.

Social Structure- The most wealthiest people in Kenya are Kikuyu. Wealth is measured by the amount for cattle a person owns. People of the higher class tend to follow the western culture more than the lower class. These western people wear named brand, expensive clothing which indicates their high status. The men in Kenya are responsible for taking care of the animals. The middle-class has increased 25%.

Industry- The tourist of Kenya are mainly attracted to the wildlife. They are many parks and games, with many beaches to see. Tourist is a major part of the economy. Kenya's industry revolves around their food and beverages. They export things such as: tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables. More than 500,000 people visit Kenya each year.

Arts/Entertainment- Dancing is a major part of the Kenya culture. They are known for their sculptures and wood-carvings. Music brings life to Kenya by the beautiful instruments played. There are many festivals and activities to participate in. Some tribes, such as Samburu, makes there body a piece of art. Paint, hairstyles and neck jewelry creates a physical beauty.

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