"Around the Harn" Grant Harrison

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

As I wandered around the Museum I saw many works of art that were made of a variety of materials. There were wood chipped paintings and scrap metal sculptures, and even a blanket made of wine bottle sleeves. But what impressed me the most were the jade carvings. Someone sat down and, with the upmost care, slowly carved a peaceful scene into solid rocked. This had to be someone with great patience, skill, and a very steady hand. Someone took a rare stone and made it even more precious. Adding a bit of human creativity to nature's creation.

Design of the Museum

One thing I really appreciated about the design of the Museum was the wide open room and natural lighting. The natural lighting made the artwork much more pleasing to the eye while the open spaces made me feel free and unconfined. The tiny alcoves of little gardens with some pottery made me think of tiny islands of natural art. Taking advantage of natural lighting and nature, these small rooms were kind of an escape from the formality of the museum. Also the high ceilings made the museum feel bigger and, again, more open.

Wide open spaces and natural lighting

Art and Core Values

When I look at this piece I think of hard work. I think of the day-in-day-out hard work that these men are putting in everyday and appreciate their effort. Hard work is something that I value. I believe that if you work hard you can improve yourself and achieve your goals. Good things come from hard work. Whether it is an A or a summer body, nothing worthwhile comes from doing nothing.

Art and the Good Life

My mom was adopted from Ecuador when she was three years old. She doesn't have much memory of her hometown. This picture of the little girls in Brazil made me think of my mom. She was once one of those little girls. She lived in a rural community much like they do. She could very well have stayed there had my grandparents not chosen her for adoption. Course that would have started a whole chain of events which would have prevented my very existence. I have a heart for kids. I worked with children at a preschool all senior year and seeing these kids makes me think of the poverty that they are no doubt living in. It makes me think of how each of these little girls are living in a completely different world as me.

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