NBC Universal Corporate Functions Summer Internship


  • Company Overview
  • Innovation
  • Inclusivity, Diversity, Company Culture
  • NBC Universal Corporate Functions Summer Internship

NBC Universal LLC

  • Headquarters Located in New York, New York
  • Subsidiary of Comcast, the top cable provider in the United States
  • Produce movies and TV programming for US and Canadian markets
  • Other holdings include Universal Parks and Resorts and Hulu


  • NBC Universal Media Labs
  • Hulu
  • Entrepreneurship is valued throughout the corporation

Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Actively celebrate diversity on websites and social media
  • Resource groups for Veterans, Women, and other minority employees
  • Named among the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Employees

Company Culture

  • Actively promote employee volunteering
  • Great work-life balance
  • Ability to move horizontally and vertically within the company
  • Glassdoor's Top 50 Companies to Work For (31st)

Corporate Functions New York Summer Internship

  • Internship allows interns to experience and work within various aspects of NBC's corporate structure.
  • Possible positions of interest include: Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy, and Talent Booking.
  • I offer past internship and office work experience, both sought after for this internship
  • This would offer me experience interning for a larger corporation, supplementing my small business intern experiences.

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