Lacey Sixberry Photography portfolio

Photo's taken at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse NY.

These four photos are taken in and by a campground named coles creek.

* Macro photography tip- Don't always rely on auto focus.

* Macro photography tip- Use an f-stop a maximum of f/16. This will keep the main subject in focus.

* Macro photography tip- Outdoor macro photography is best on bright days.

These photo's are macro shots, where a object is close up in focus with a blurred background. In macro shots you will not always see the whole object.

These were all pictures taken on a fall day in October.

These nine photos consist of different compositions, such as eye level, birds eye view, asymmetry, leading lines, worms eye view, rule of thirds, framing, high angle and symmetry.

Eye level is a viewpoint composition along with birds eye aerial view high angle and worms eye view.

Asymmetry-placing the object not in the exact center.

Leading lines is diagonal lines that lead the eye through the photograph.

Rule of thirds means to divide the picture plane into thirds to compose the photograph.

Framing is the tactic of using natural surroundings to surround your subject and add more meaning to your subject.

Symmetry is also balance and is to place you object in the center of your photo.

This was an actual collage made digital, with improvements.
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