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With the sonorous voice of a thousand lifetimes he began to speak:

“A sacred gift has been lost. You must find this gift and share it with the world.”

“What is this gift?” Sheridan asked.

“It is the Song of Shambhala,” he intoned. “A song that will unleash the greatest power ever known.”

“It’s too late—there’s no more music . . . all I hear is dissonance . . . meaningless dissonance.” Sheridan protested.

“The melodies of the awakening will appear, drawn from the very fabric of life by the irresistible pull of your heart. They will possess you like demons rising from the depths of your fears and visit you on the breath of enlightenment like sacred spirits of the air. Wherever you find your greatest doubts and most painful sorrows, the music will meet you there, giving melody to your yearnings, voice to your tribulations, and songs to your desperate cries. Listen for the music and it will lead you, join in its refrain and it will carry you to the Song of Shambhala. Whatever you do, do not ignore the music or you will be abandoned once again to the tyranny of silence.”

The mysterious sage leaned toward Sheridan. “Find the Song of Shambhala, and you will hear the dissonance that has haunted you resolve in perfect harmony. But if you fail, the darkness that fills your heart will swallow the earth.”

It all comes down to magic, the essence of life that evaporates like a mist into the air when the heat of everyday life chases away the fresh summer rain of our childhood imagination.


The discovery of something mysterious lying behind the veil of the everyday. The ability to imagine there is something more.


Digital breadcrumbs lead to a collection of podcasts that have been sent through the portals of time as a warning to all of us in our time.

These audio/video tidbits can be dropped into the listener's audio stream stirring interest and inviting further examination.

Once the listener responds with interest a connection is made.

An offer is made to Join the Resistance and to continue to collect more story pods as they are discovered.

The story pods have been collected by Dreamers, Seekers and Wayfarers known as the League of the SOS Codex. Listeners register to be a part of the elite group in search of the rest of the story.


Chapter 6:01

Chapter 6:02

Chapter 6:03


The entrances into the Song of Shambhala music infused podcast experience.

An inspiring story in the spirit of the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist, Song of Shambhala is crafted to connect with the listener through portals opened by the major moments in our lives . . . moments that bring us face to face with the big questions of Life's Meaning and our Purpose.


Living in the land, Of the long dark night. It's a dream graveyard, where our hopes finally come to die.

DOOR of fullfillment

These are the tears of the nations, the common sorrow we share. The great regret of our progress, the blessed burden we bear.

DOOR OF Loss of Self Worth

I'm no hero, just a loss soul, doin' my best, Oh, oh, oh. How can I go, please understand, I'm just a man.

DOOR OF Loneliness

You are not alone, there are others just like you, on this journey of a dream, a holy rendezvous. You are not alone.

DOOR of Loss of Faith

How long must we wait, how long this wandering? How much must be paid to the shadow of the dream.

DOOR OF loss of self

Its not me in the mirror, not the man I know I am, not me in the mirror at all.

door of Seeking the sacred

door of tragedy

This is what life is like without you, another day, another night, without you.

door of return

When you return, to the kingdom of the heart and you embrace the self you made a stranger of, then all the gifts unopened from your birth will come alive and fill the world with light. When you return.

In an age where superhero franchises dominate the box office, we offer an immersive series that will play out over months creating an environment of expectancy and a sense of being part of something greater than themselves .

Created By
Phillip White

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