The Story of Blackbeard(Edward Thatch) By:george z.

Edward Thatch is history's most deadly pirate that ever sailed the seven seas . He is known for being a deadly sailor and combatist on the seven seas and has earned himself the nickname "Blackbeard".

Blackbeard collecting loot

In November 1717, Blackbeard captured La Convertconeverte, a large French slaving vessel. He renamed it The Queen Anne's Revenge and kept it all to himself and modified it for privacy. He put 40 cannons on it making it one of the most formidable pirate ships ever. With it he terrorized the Atlantic Ocean and Carribean Sea for almost a year before the Queen Anne's Revenge ran the ground.

The Queen Anne's Revenge

Blackbeard wasn't one to run from a fight. On November 22, 1718 Blackbeard was cornerd by two Royal Navy troops that had been sent to hunt him down. The pirate had relativly few men, as most of them were on shore at the time, but he decided to fight. In the end he almost got away, but it came down to hand-to-hand fighting on the deck of his ship. When Blackbeard finally was killed his men found him with 5 bullet hole wounds and 20 sword cuts on his body. His head was cut off and presented as proof to collect the bounty and later they hanged his head from the maynard's bowsprit.

Edward's Head

Pirates from the Bahamas had their flags specially made by a sail-makes -widow, who took payment in the form of brandy. Blackbeard had his own Black flag featuring a skeleton with horns. The skeleton held an hour glass in one hand and in another carried a spear pointing to the heart dripping with three drops of blood.

  • Blackbeard would set his beard on fire to scare others
  • He captured 40 ships during his sailing career.
  • It was said that he married a sixteen year old
  • He had about 14 wives, or more all of which he had married on the ship.

Sometimes the headless ghost of Blackbeard is said to float on the surface of the water or swim around and around and around Teach's hole going underwater. Sometimes folks seek Blackbeard's ghost and a strange lights appears coming from the shore of Pamlico, a small sound on the side of Ocracoke Island. It is known as "Teach's Light " . On nights that the ghost light appears the wind is blowing inland you can still hear Blackbeard's ghost tramping up and down and roaring : WHERE IS MY HEAD!!!

Rest In Peace Edward Thatch

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