Adults With Autism By: Nikki Stumpf

It is often forgotten that autism is a lifelong disorder. There needs to be more scientific research on adults with autism.

It is becoming more common for children to be diagnosed with autism.

Best Buddies is a club that high schoolers have the option to participate in. The club pairs students with disabilities with students without disabilities so friendships can form. In high school, autistic students are given the opportunity to be surrounded by friends, academics, and a constant routine.
The students with autism that participate in the Best Buddies club looks forward to social events and making new friends. It is difficult for the students with autism when it becomes a sudden stop after graduation.
Once students with autism graduate high school, they often struggle because they are thrown into the real world. Unlike most teenagers, there are not many options for adults with autism to attend a post-secondary educational program.
When autistic adults are finished with high school, they often become depressed because they feel lost and alone. They are unable to maintain a job or provide for themselves.
The dean of education at Liberty University should create a post-secondary educational program so that it could help improve autistic adult's lives not only academically, but emotionally.

Beginning at a young age, children with autism are put into social settings and are constantly learning

People with autism look forward to interacting with people and socializing

These children with autism are given the chance to interact with people often by attending social events and school. There is no reason for this to stop when they grow older.

A program would continue the progress they have made in high school and continue to help them become well-rounded people.

Liberty University could impact adults with autism positively by continuing constant routines and helping them grow as people, which could improve their lives later in life.
Currently, unemployment levels are extremely high for adults with autism. A post-secondary educational program could guide autistic adults to find a providing job and improve the unemployment rate. A program at Liberty University will teach them how to socially interact with people and prepare them for life.

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