Chapter 5 By Mitchell Ross


Two very special pairs of shoes to me.

A display of Editing Technique

Both of these photos were taken at a restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. This first photo took only one shot for a beautiful result, but it came out quite dark. I made heavy adjustment to exposure and contrast to solve this. Because the exposure was up so high, I needed to turn down the highlights nearly all the way. I applied some additional sharpness and vividness to enhance the detail. I didn't think cropping was necessary for this photo. You can click on the image to see the full extent of the photo.

While sitting at the restaurant with my camera ready, I was keeping an eye out for any sort of photogenic displays. What I found was this beautiful lamp next to a "no smoking" sign. Those combined with the natural building material of the restaurant made a lovely image. The original image was pretty good ...


Asymmetry in top row, symmetry in bottom row.

Miguel Lara UrzĂșa

While browsing trending images on Flickr, I ran into a chaotic photo that used multiple layers of exposure to display protesters' clashes with police, pictured on the bottom right. The photo was taken by Miguel Lara UrzĂșa. Intrigued, I checked out what else Miguel had to offer. His photostream seemed to display the poverty and violent riots, in where I came to realize, was Chile. I did some research and learned that Chile seems to be experiencing issues with police brutality, especially when it involves the indigenous Mapuche people, who make up 10% of the population. According to statistics from Human Rights Watch, a Mapuche person is more likely to be killed by police than any other non-Mapuche group. Miguel was able to capture many powerful images of the protest. In fact, there were so many good ones, I seriously struggled to pick just 4 good photos. He always seems to be at the right location at the right time. Other than catching perfect moments while in the field, Miguel also has an editing style that I am very attracted to, although I'm unsure exactly what he does. In addition to protest photos, Miguel gets a lot a interesting shots around his area in Chile. As disturbing as it is, I thought the photo of the road-kill cat was an exceptional photo. It not only evokes strong emotions, but is visually appealing in the way that the dead animal just blends into the ground. I highly recommend checking out this guy's Flickr, as there are many more unique photos that are worth a peak.

Sad Animals

Try not to cry.

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