My Utopia By Carter benson


The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

My utopia's religion is Christianity, the belief that God created the entire world and everything in it and it was perfect until the devil tricked Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and sin entered the world. God sent his only son Jesus Christ to live a life without sin and be crucified as a sacrifice so that all of humanity could, if they followed the bible, enter heaven and live with God and the other Christians for eternity, if they did not follow the bible they would be sent to hell. Anyone who didn’t follow our religion would be given a chance to convert then the form of punishment would be performing the blood eagle on someone then impaling them and burning them alive.


The myth I created involves a hero named Decimus who lived in the Holy Roman Empire in 1296 AD. Decimus was born in 1278 and has been in the Catholic Church for his entire life. Lately, Decimus has began to doubt his faith, this led to him researching about it in the library. Decimus found a book telling of the the crusades and the Knights Templar and the Holy Lance, the spear used to pierce Jesus' side. He longed to make pilgrimage to the Holy Land and find the last remaining Templar. That night, he heard his parents talking about hearing of a coven of witches following the example of the oracle of delphi from the town gossip. Decimus decided to act, he took a ship to the Holy Land and went under the Temple of Solomon, the headquarters of the Knights Templar, and found the last remaining group of templar on earth. He told them about his journey and they gave him the Holy Lance. He then took a ship to Delphi and in a fiery crash in the night his ship began to sink. He found a stable piece of wood and slept on it. The next morning he awoke on a beach he eventually discovered he was on Patmos, the island that St. John wrote the book of Revelation on, the island that he saw visions of the future and went before God's Throne. While on the island he found the location that St. John had stayed and found writings that he had left for him. The writings told him that he would complete his journey and that on the south western part of the island there was a rowboat for him. He arrived at Delphi and had a great fight against the witches upon killing the last one a dark cloud was summoned, He threw the Holy Lance at the cloud and pinned it to one side of the moon. Upon completion of this, the Gates to Hell (the hole that the oracle's gas came from) spoke to him telling him that all who committed the sin of witchcraft without punishment would weaken the tether bringing the plague cloud closer to the earth.


Our government would be a theocracy and the bishops/elders of the church would be the leaders of each city and there would be an election amongst the bishops/elders to decide the governor of each province the emperor would have to be someone that was born into the church (not converted), a bishop/elder, someone who has exceptional leadership skills and a great relationship with God. To keep order we would reestablish and reform the Knights Templar to ensure that officials stay safe when traveling, keep the peace in cities and capture criminals, they would also serve as our army and play a very important role in our government, their grandmaster would be the head of the judicial system, which would ensure that God’s will is done in our society.

The Forum of Augustus in Rome, Italy (or what is left of it)

My conquest of Rome

Rome has been under the control of the Roman Catholic Church since the rule of Constantine. The Catholic Church considers the pope to be the Vicar of Christ, and infallible. The Vatican is the largest church in the world and is a small country in the center of Rome, this is where the pope lives and will be my palace. I would restore the colosseum, aqueducts and ruins and become pope, installing my own beliefs through infallibility.

The Vatican City in Rome, Italy

Reclaiming the holy land

Under Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel lies the ruined temple of Solomon, this was the headquarters of the original knights templar and was built by King Solomon in the Old Testament. In modern times Muslims have built mosques over it and the rich history of Jews and Christians is nearly lost there. In my utopia it has been reclaimed, The Temple of Solomon has been restored as the headquarters of the new knights templar and it is available for citizens to make pilgrimage to at anytime without fear of persecution. The garden of Gethsemane has been made into a place free from the loud noises of the outside world and meant to return you to the time of Jesus (The garden of Gethsemane being the place he prayed to be delivered from his crucifixion and was then taken to be beaten and crucified.) and allow you to study and pray there.

An illustration of the Temple of Solomon


our language would be Latin and we would communicate through writing letters and talking.


Our economic system would be mercantilism and revolves around a zero-sum game and protectionism (a tax on importing goods from another country). The economic system on an individual level would resemble Reaganomics, it would have low taxes to stimulate the free market and mercantilism would strengthen our currency eventually, making it the most powerful in the world. It would be expected for citizens to tithe 10% of their income to the church, doing so every Sunday for a year would grant tax deductions of 20% for the next year assuming you still tithed.

Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States
Political cartoon depicting mercantilism
A diagram illustrating a zero sum game


The education system would be controlled by the church, It would teach about the abominable belief systems to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated, We would dedicate some time of each day to studying the bible and we would teach philosophy and history as our primary subjects with math and science coming at close seconds. We would need to ensure that gasoline is never created or discovered by anyone outside of the ruling class.

Remus and Romulus the founders of Rome


There would be no modern technology open to the general public, it would only exist within the highest levels of the government. My civilization has only created two new technologies. The first is a new disease that takes the form of a gas and infects everyone that breathes in or allows it to contact their skin with a potent, fast-working type of gangrene and the black plague. This can be used against enemies or heretics causing them to rot while they are alive. The second uses light as a form of energy to exert force on objects, this could be a very powerful weapon because it could act as a large moving wall that can deflect any material, also it can be used to create crystals out of light. This is a thing that modern scientists have done on a very small scale but, in the future this could be done on a larger scale and be very useful to the civilization that uses it.


The infrastructure of ancient Rome is what set it apart from other ancient civilizations that would fall the next time any disease struck. In my utopia becoming a doctor is a very important thing and there are a plethora of various medicines for many uses. We will have large sewers, aqueducts, roads, gardens and the baths and gardens of Agrippa will be restored.

Aqueduct near Rome
An illustration of the baths and gardens of Agrippa
Ancient sewers built under Rome


The people of my utopia would mainly eat tomatoes, olives, grapes and other mediterranean foods. Our main source of meat would be beef and fish.

Pesto rigatoni with tomatoes and basil leaves

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