You shall not pass! Only the best rub shoulders with Indiez

Welcome Gatekeepers!

B people hire C people and C people hire D people, Only A people hire A+ people.

Never was the above maxim more applicable than in the case of Indiez!

A+ people only want to work with A+ people

Never accept anyone into the community that you would not like to work with!

Cuz Indiez is a community of BEST talent out there. It's also uber cool ;)

When in doubt- REJECT!

But will it be tough on my schedule?

No- it won't. Just like the freedom we afford to you while working, we afford you the same freedom while interviewing.

Interview as per YOUR convenience- not the candidate's

Take as many interviews per week as you want.

After you confirmation- the interviewer schedules the meeting and sends you the calendar invite- NOT the other way round.

Why do we get the candidate to schedule the meeting?
Just like an Ikea job interview!
  • It’s the first test of candidate's attitude
  • We get to check whether he/she is fit for remote work or not in the first place (I'm sure we all agree that remote work is WAY different from co-located work)
  • Whether he/she is proactive
  • Whether he/she knows how to schedule & send out a calendar invite
  • Whether he/she has a Skype account

We'd recommend you do your interviews over Skype. Best free tool that we've come across @ Indiez.

We also recommend both the interviewer and interviewee to press "Reply to all" so that the Community Indiez ID is always in cc to step in and help out if required!

What's the process?

We'll share the candidates application form with you that has his/her LinkedIn/GitHub/Resume and other details.

We're also adding a small assignment for the candidate to complete BEFORE the interview- this checks both Attitude AND Ability, the two pillars of any interview.

We'll share a feedback form with you for you to fill post the interview. That being said- the process is still being finalised and this is just a beta version.

We'll need your help to fine-tune BOTH the process and this checklist!

Here's the link to the current beta form>

What's in it for me?

You get to be a Gatekeeper to the community!

You get to make sure that you don't have to manage or work with B people. Ever.

Your stature within the community increases- you get priority preference when projects are being allocated to community members!

No seriously- what's in it for me?

Well- of course there's a reward as well ;)

Each interview you conduct- fetches you 25 Indie Coins (ICs).

If you've still not read what ICs are or how they help reward you- read this>

You should get a slack notification after you fill the interview feedback form (typically within 12 hours) notifying you about the ICs being credited to you. In case you don't receive the same do reach out to me @archit.

This process is still in BETA. Am sure you'll have insanely awesome suggestions to make the process better. So that only candidates with the right Attitude & Ability can enter the community!

For any queries/clarifications/feedback/suggestions- do reach out to @archit on Slack!

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