Killing Mr. Griffin A Mystery novel by lois duncan

Brian Griffin is known by his students as the strictest teacher in all of Del Norte High. As he continuously humiliates students and piles on an endless work load, even the smartest students see their grades slip.

Susan has always been the smartest student in her grade. No matter what the circumstance, she was a delight to her teachers and got A's on everything. That's before Mr. Griffin came around. As her grades have dropped in his class, Susan wonders what she's doing wrong.

" For one thing, she was a straight-A student... in English Literature and Composition, there was no such thing as an A student. With all her effort she was earning B's. Even so, it was more than most of the other students were getting. The mid-semester exam had been a disaster for everyone, and it was rumored that the final was being constructed so that it would be impossible for even the brightest student to pass."-Susan thinking to herself

With all this, Susan hasn't dealt with the worst of Griffin. Susan's crush, Dave, and his friends are constantly humiliated in class for above average work. Many of them have begun to worry about graduating with an F in English. Mark, one of the most tormented students in class, has an idea to seek revenge on Griffin.

Mark heard about how last year's senior class had pretended to kidnap a favorite teacher and take her out to lunch. Mark likes the idea, except for the latter part. He has an idea to tie Mr. Griffin up and take him to the mountains and force him into changing his ways. To succeed, Mark's going to need a team. Luckily for him, there's a lot of interest in the plan.

Mark's longtime best friend, Jeff, instantly decides to join in on the plan due to his history with Griffin. Jeff's girlfriend, Betsy, who's encountered lots of Griffin's torment throughout the year decides to join as well. David, a very responsible kid with tons of pressure from his mom and grandma, decides he'll have some fun against Griffin for once. To execute the plan correctly, the group will need at least one more partner. This is where Susan comes along. Susan has had a longtime crush on David and Mark knows he can exploit her into joining the group. David calls Susan and asks if she would like to meet the group and him for a picnic out in the wilderness. She instantly accepts and soon they are driving to the spot. Once there, Mark finally reveals the plan. Susan is horrified, but accepts since it may bring her closer to David.

The Plan

1. After school the following day, Susan will ask Mr. Griffin to meet her in the parking lot at night to discuss the writing assignment they are working on.

2. With nobody else at the school, the rest of the group will be hiding in a car near Susan and Griffin, ready to attack.

3. Once they tie him up and put him in the trunk, the kids will drive to the previous picnic spot in the middle of nowhere and scare him.

4. There is no plan to physically harm Mr. Griffin

The plan succeeds, as the kids get to there spot with Griffin still tied up. Once there, they torment him, saying they're doing it for all the students he has wronged. As Griffin remains calm, not believing they have it in them to do any serious damage to him, the kids begin to get scared. They get cold feet and rush home, without Griffin. As the kids plan alibis and head to the school basketball game, Mr. Griffin is still out in the cold wilderness. After the game, three of the kids decide to check on him and bring him back home. When they get there, Griffin is unresponsive. He's dead.

The kids think they are murderers, but Mark calms the group, saying how none of them physically harmed him. They were only gone a couple of hours, so the only possible explanation would be that Griffin was going to die anyway. The kids hold a funeral for him, and David takes Mr. Griffin's special ring from Stanford to remember him. The kids agree to never talk about this event again, going their separate ways.

Word quickly spreads throughout the town of Griffin's disappearance. A search team begins trying to find any evidence of where he could be, and his wife Cathy tells them about how the last person he had seen before disappearing was Susan. At school the following day, Susan is called to the office. She is horrified. Do they know what I've done? Am I going to jail forever? These questions rush through her head as she makes her way down to the office, where the cops are waiting for her. To Susan's relief, all they ask about is how Mr. Griffin was acting at their meeting and where he was going once the meeting was done. After telling a complete lie, Susan is in the clear, for now.

After lots of investigation, the cops find Griffin's body. They run a report on how the rope around his feet and hands could have stopped blood flow, causing some possible heart problems. At the scene, all they find is a sweatshirt, but Cathy tells the cops his ring Is missing. As the kids try to lay low for now, the report plays on the local news, forcing David to hide the ring. David's grandma, Irma, noticing his unusual behavior lately, decides to go through his room. Once she finds the ring, she confronts David, hoping it's a gift from his dead dad. When he says he had just found it on the street, Irma keeps the ring, worrying David had stolen it. David, now worrying about his Grandma turning him in, tells Mark. He says it's okay, but his actions don't speak for his words. The next day, Irma is found dead. Once Susan hears from David about what happened, she knows in her heart Mark had killed Irma. At the crime scene, the only valuable evidence is a brown sweatshirt, the same one Mark always wears.

As David struggles with the loss of his Grandmother, Mark goes to Susan's house to meet up with the rest of the group. Here, Susan gets the nerve to confront Mark over what he's done. As he tries to explain himself, saying all he did was get the ring, Jeff and Betsy decide to stay loyal to Mark. They tell Susan that they have to stick to the plan, but she is unwilling to do so. Once Jeff and Betsy drive as far away as possible from town, Mark is left to stay and watch Susan, making sure she doesn't spill the beans about anything that happened, but Susan's parents will be home soon. Mark, with no other options in mind, begins starting a fire and tying up Susan. As Mark begins burning the curtains, he tells Susan of how his dad was killed the same way Susan will be. She is horrified. As the house continues to burn, out of nowhere, Cathy Griffin rushes in, saving both of them.

Now, 10 days later, it's been announced that Mark is a legitimate psychopath, and will be serving some time for his actions. Jeff and Betsy, considered to be under Mark's influence, will likely serve some time in juvenile detention, but are in far less trouble than Mark. Susan and David, who were considered to have done the least of the group, will also likely have to face juvenile detention, but could be seen as victims to Mark's crimes.

By Connor Finkelman T-1

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