Asian Americans

Asian Americans are made up of people from many different countries in the pacific including Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, and china.

Their language are specific to the countries or origin, and and one country may have many dialects. Communicating is done in quite tones because loudness is considered disrespectful. It is considered disrespectful to look at elders directly into their eyes. Touch is acceptable between people of the same sex. It is taboo (social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing) to openly express emotions, weather happy or sad.

Households are divided along gender lines that are clearly patriarchal. Extended families within one house hold is common. The elders are protected within the household. Children are very important and must demonstrate respect for the family.

Health is seen as the balance between ying and yang-good or evil. Good health is seen as a gift from the ancestors. Cleanliness is also as seen as a way to prevent illness. Eastern Medicine predominantly uses meditation, herbs, and acupuncture.

In Asian American culture, it is belived that god determines who dies. The period of grief can be extended beyond 30 days. It is appropriate for women to grieve, but highly unacceptable for men. Some Asian Americans choose burial or others cremation.

Pregnancy is viewed as a time of happiness and contentment for the women. Discomforts of pregnancy are treated by omitting milk from the diet and maintaining high level of activity to prevent a lazy baby and a difficult labor support during labor comes from the mother and other women. The father has a less active role in Asian American than in western cultures. Postpartum activities can be curtailed for 40-60 days while others tend to household tasks and to help care for the new child. Breastfeeding is encouraged but usually will start after 3 days, when milk is present.

Asian American tend to suffer from lactose intolerance; hypertension; most recently, liver and stomach cancer.

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