My Experience of the Good Life Nature activity at the FLMNH By Lauren Rose

Nature on Display

I was really interested in this exhibit because it had a small section about sea turtles and laying their eggs. I was captured by the example of animals creating life and new turtles being born. The exhibit was very detailed and provided information about the process. It gave you an inside look on a process one would not normally see. I enjoyed this inside look and interactive part of the museum because I was able to see or experience things that I have not before.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit gave me a closer point of view on nature existing in its habitat. I loved this experience because it was an inviting set up and was well attained for the butterflies. Many people were walking though and i noticed there caution. Each person knew they were not apart of this habitat and that it was necessary to be dangerous an to not interrupt or harm anything around them. I liked that aspect of the Butterfly Rainforest that people knew it was rare occupancy to be so close to an animal's life and that experiencing it was to be taken with respect of that animal. The environment provided an open look and experience while being curious of the butterflies, and thats why I think it was so valuable in learning about nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit was a replication of the jaw of the shark called megladon. Many critiques say that this shark does not exist because of its massive size. Many think that this animal is a myth. I enjoyed that this was still in the museum. I liked that it still showed the mystery in the world and provided this example rather than completely showing facts and nothing more. This imaginative side of th museum and all its interactive exhibits provide and invoked experience and allowed the people to truly embed their minds in this experience. It allowed the people to make opinions and learn rather than just a surface level view. This aspect of the museum helps us realize our world is not completely discovered and that many opportunities are out there in nature. It gives a unique perspective on nature and gives it a more wondrous or inspiring feeling that many people might not have in the beginning.

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