Social media project  376 Media Design, Prof. Susan Mango Curtis

Social Media Used As An Icebreaker

School: Medill, Northwestern University

Associate professor Susan Mango Curtis,

406 News Graphics & Design Course


On the first day of class I wanted to try something different to get graduate students in 406 News Graphics & Design to interact with each other. Students in this course come from two different disciplines— MSJ Journalism Program and IMC Integrated Marketing Communications Program. Student were split up in groups of two— preferably with someone they didn’t already know providing them with the opportunity to introduce themselves and creatively design a phrase along with image as a social media post. They were asked to share something really unique about themselves individually that they wouldn’t mind having posted on a social media outlet. At the very end of class each person’s social media posts was displayed as they introduce themselves to the class, giving a few details about their MSJ or IMC concentration and why they were taking the class.

The class exercise was done in less than half an hour and as simple as one image and a few words posted about themselves. We also discuss how a post-like this could be used for advertising, marketing and editorial. Not required but suggested students post their design on Northwestern or Medill Facebook page.

Device: Students personal iPhones

Created By
Susan Mango Curtis

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