Russia Emma Troost

The Ferapontov Monastery Vologda(ish) Russia
Descent into Hell by Dionisius (Ferapontov Monastery)

120 kilometers northwest of the Russian city Vologda lies the Ferapontov Monastery, a symbol of Russian devotion to their Orthodox faith. Established over 300 years ago, by Ferrapont (a monk and Moscow native), this isolated, tranquil country respite lies amidst picturesque rolling green hills and Russia's impressive birch tree forests. Drawing in art and religious enthusiasts from around the globe, the interior of the monastic temple is adorned with great ecclesiastical works of art painted by Dionisius who is known for his religious murals.

The Citadel, Derbent, Russia

The Derbent's colossal citadel has stood strong against invaders for the past sixteen centuries. Originally built by the Sasanians in the fifth century, since then many great empires including the Persians, Arabs, Mongols, and Timurids have taken advantage of this strategic defensive position. Until the Russians conquered Derbent in the 1800s, the wall remained a crucial point in the city's military security.

Canals of St Petersburg, Russia

As visitors gaze upon the canals that criss-cross through the village of St Petersburg, many are unaware that they are witnessing paths carved in the name of trade and westernization. St Petersburg's warm water port made it ideal for Russian ships, who up to this point in history could only bring western goods to the country during the summer months could now provide mercantile items to be traded all year-round.

Kazan Kremlin Moscow, Russia

Moscow's Kremlin is one of the last reminders of Tartarstan and the Tartar people. Russia's cultural diversity is highlighted by the Kremlin, the only Tartar fortress left, now being the home of Russia's largest mosque.


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