A little background Understanding

After reading the analysis of great leaders of history and today in any walks of life be it individual family business corporate or social there is one thing which is very common is that there is a deep underlying emotion which was converted into a goal or aspiration as we may term it as desire that has evolved from this deep and subtle emotion. This is the fact and the truth and one realizes if he/she digs his/her own roots of history irrespective of positive or negative outcomes because the entire circulation of life is around this between the physical and mental planes. It is everywhere all around but we do not give attention to closely observe it as the mind is running at high speed.

Before getting into it in relation to AI (Artificial Intelligence) lets understand how these emotions have come by going more deeper into it.

Lets truely accept that we each one of us is a supreme evolution of all creatures on this planet as a final outcome of one single man and woman. From that point it extended to many races, lineages and cultures. So as a human we carried all these emotions from all the creatures collectively through the genes, races, lineage experiences, culture, environment and spread across geographically from one to many sources for millions of years. In reality we carry all of them as a package in the mind. But we behave genetically, culturally in a certain linear fashion according to environment . Because of that total package of all those emotions we are able to receive, understand, respond and discriminate with the help of the logical mind after the evolution of language before 20000 years. So before 20000 years it was only emotions being communicated and transferred. It was very powerful to respond which led to the stage today to deal with machines and man appropriately to an extent using logical mind with more awareness. The discoveries of this highly complex science which we call Emotional Intelligence in 21st Century was there in history for a very long time and now getting more deeper scientifically.

A Brief Understanding – CORE Emotions in Human System

There are 7 core fundamental levels on which the emotions funtion based on the energy circulation.

1. Earth: This is the energy resorvoir below the Naval near the perenium where the emotion of survival and insecurity originate as a basis for existence. This is where the emotion of fight or flight functions with physical pleasure and frustrations. This is in balance when the grounding happens.

2. Water: This is in the naval where all relationship emotions with emotional pleasures, violance and addictions originate. This is well balanced with proper food and water levels.

3. Fire: This is in the Solar Plexus which carries the life force of vitality and will of actions with fear anger, and anxiety. This is well balanced when the body’s temperature is at perfect level not going to the extremes.

4. Air: This is in the heart where love confidence with conditions and stress originate. This is well balanced when the air circulation in the system is perfect. This also depends on the lungs and the pressure of the heart.

5. Space: This is in the throat with sound energy with the emotions of being or telling truth and with lies. Being creative and successful. This is in balance when the sound energy is optimal.

6. Mind: This is completely inside the head with the emotions of happiness trust integrity intuition wisdom and the opposites of the same like ignorant etc. This is in perfect balance only when all the energy levels from earth to space are in balance with the mind being fully mindful.

7. The Crown: This is just above the head where the joy beyond happiness and love originate. This is reached only when all the energy levels are balanced and have the ability of going beyond this energy levels. This is very rare but occasionally we are prompted there or experience it only if we are in equilibrium.

So having these basic understanding we can clearly understand that the energy levels are circulated at different levels downward to upward and vise versa and also berween two poles negative and positive as it is designed such a way that there is movement of these energies at different stages at different levels according to the elements in the system with respect to environment. So there is not only negative or only positive. It is the movement as per the universal law.

One should have the clarity of this and completely being aware of these emotions is the key to having this balance throughout the movement of life.

We are expressing it or suppressing it consciously or unconsiously or controling it. It does not really mean control it is channelling it by understanding the energy and environment.

So Emotional Intelligence is not controling but it is being completely and fully being aware of it though you express suppress or channelize. This happens when the mind is fully in awareness beyond the observation and attention.

To support this understanding. The great leaders and masters were relatively had the higher awareness compared to majority of the population. So the Key is high level of awareness of energy and emotions. That is EI.

Now Can AI Meet EI ?

The Possible Answers:

We know very clearly that AI is a binary logical evolution with probabilities and scenarios on the physical plane and to an extent on the mental plane. So AI meeting EI, is there a possibility? and why its a trillion dollar question? Because there are 7.2 billion growing and changing population with probability of environment and scenarios innumerable AI to connect with EI would be highly challenging. Having said that while we are now witnessing the evolution of biotechnology with individualized medicine, google glass, mobile in pockets, apple watch, digital dress and on top of it social media with digitization can create the path. To quote a simple example facebook being successful so rapidly is because it has the ability to capture hell and heaven lot of emotions on the planet. Because whatever we do, be it a business political social family individual the end result boils down to a single emotion in the continuous movement. With these thoughts AI meeting EI would probably a 7th Industrial evolution while any business or technology can explore the possibilities how to bring in the emotional data and analysis to have clear and even more positive and better decision making from an ultimate end user’s emotion. This is possible though we have not debated to check is it really good or bad for the human kind.

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