Engage and Inspire Learners with Project Based Learning SESSION: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25TH, 2:45 PM-3:40 PM RED 69MassCUE - Presenters Mary Marotta, Johnna Doyle, Melissa Foley Procko, Jacquie Carter and Taryn Grigas


Nashoba Regional High School Presents Wednesday, October 25th Time : 2:45 PM-3:40 PM - ROOM RED 69

Engage and Inspire Learners with Project Based Learning

Session: Wednesday October 25th, 2:45 PM-3:40 PM RED 69

Description : Project Based Learning - PBL is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. High School teachers will provide project ideas, examples and the importance of student voice in the PBL classroom along with student reflections. Presenters Mary Marotta, Johnna Doyle, Melissa Foley Procko, Jacquie Carter and Taryn Grigas

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Nashoba Regional High School - Our PBL Story

Our Late Start Professional Develoment focused on Project Based Learning/PBL this year. A teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. We hope to provide you with with better understanding of the essential role of student voice in the PBL classroom.

Nashoba PLT - PBL Team

What is Project Based Learning?

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)? Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Elements of PBL and Buck Institute for Education (BIE) BIE.org

What PBL is and is not

Show your work - Interdisciplinary Lesson (International Foods & Video)

Children's Picture Books

Grade 10H English students created children’s books under the topic of acceptance. This project started with a class discussion and activity about stereotypes, bias and ignorance. Students expressed many concerns about how they are categorized in high school, their community and the world, but they felt stuck when it came to actually trying to change the problem. They were left asking, “Now what?” Following the steps to incorporate Project Based Learning into the classroom, Ms. Foley asked her class for some project ideas—what could they do to confront stereotypes and send a message of positivity? All fifty students agreed that writing a children’s book and then reading it to our elementary students in the district would be a great start. Books are currently being published through Lulu.com and will be paid for by the Endowment Fund.

"Colorful Corie" "Taylor the Tall" "The Princess Who Didn't Want a Prince" "Harper the Hippopotamus and her Helping Friends" Learn more about the project in this hyperdoc

See Poster - Books are in the process of being published

Ms. Rocha and Doyle's senior Maritime class worked on an interdisciplinary project which had them building a display of a 3D artifical coral reef.

Nashoba 3D artifical reef display tank

What do students think about the Coral Reef PBL project?

DECA Program and Projects

Best Buddies DECA Food Trucks Project and Competition

Ready to learn more about PBL?

Driving Question - How do we tell stories and why are they important?

Crafting a Driving Question (BIE DQ examples)

BIE Essential Project Design Elements Checklist

How did we become interested in learning more about Project Based Learning #PBL?

Redesigning lesssons with PBL Essential Elements, Google Apps for Education and showing Project

Lesson Design

Enginnering to the Future/ETF Class - STEM - Andy LeBlanc @AleblancNRSD1 redesigned a unit on called Rocket Recue hyperdoc. This guided student learning and checked for undertanding prior to the rocket launch!

Student Launch

School focus of choice this year - PBL Professional Development with colleagues

School PBL Team - Business, Technology, Journalism, Engineering, Graphics, Culinary Arts and English

Edcamp - Staff Voice & Choice for PD

Back to school with personalized PD with #NashobaLearns #EdCamp - Teachers sharing best practices
#ASCDtopics - SLOW Chat on #PBL

Collaboration with @BIEpbl #PBL/ Slow Chat #ASCDTopics

Business Program - PBL Marketing Community Partnerships MCP and DECA

School Community Partnerships & Schools - Project Based Learning

Connecting Students with Community

Marketing Community Patnership / MCP course is structured on Marketing and Entrepreneurship principles while emphasizing techniques and principles of human relations, leadership, public relations and business communication. Students work in project based learning / PBL teams to meet with outside groups and group within our school to engage in business ventures and community service. Students then present at the mock DECA showcase to parents, school and community members.

DECA is a business organization that specializes in the growth in areas such as marketing, hospitality, management, finance/accounting, and service. DECA is formerly known as “Distributive Education Clubs of America"

Connecting Business Students with Project Based Learning

Business students participate in DECA and our Best Buddies attend out mock DECA Competition. Our National DECA competition was held in Nashville last year. This spring DECA students that qualify will go to Anaheim, California.

DECA Jess Gavin, Vice Present of DECA will be given a scenario and 10 minutes to problem solve. She selected the role play rather than a paper because it allows her to think on her feet. She will have to take test, and then present to a panel of judges.

Interdisciplinary instruction entails the use and integration of methods and from more than one academic discipline to examine a theme Projects. Community and local farming.
Community Farms

Social Studies teacher Tim Castner recieved a grant for students to do research and internships with local farmers in Bolton. A group of teachers including our Foods teacher Mrs. O'Neal and other worked on the project over the summer. The project was covered by Journalism students in which they created a segment on the "World Farmers" which will air on Nashoba News and on the Chieftain Press. Additionally, the journalism students will make a documentary that will be share with the local acces stations. This is a perfect example of interdisciplary PBL lesson with numerous products, a promotional video, social media, documentary, artcile and a presenation to a global audience.

Culinary Arts Program works with the World Famers organization for an integragted cooking lesson.

The art of cooking integration, is used to enhance student content knowledge and support a real world need for students. Students find joy and appreciation for the art of cooking and connecting with community.

Interdisciplinary Lesson (Video Production and Cooking) Classes


When our school wanted to address Life Threatening Allergies, Donna Linstrom the Coordinator of Health and Wellness contacted the Video production class and met with Julia Wachtel to brainstorm about the message they wanted to deliver. This was a perfect example of PBL addressing all the elements of Project Design. Students interviewed planned, revised and created a video featuring the dangers of Life threatening Allergies for broadcast annoucements. It was shown in all three towns in the distict and shared with the local access channels

Showcased to all schools in the district and local TV stations for a more gload audience

Journalism Projects

Capturing the local story of "The Walden Woods Project"

The Walden Woods Project article covered by Journalism Students

Where will Project Based Learning take you?

Project Based Learning that connects with real world opportunites will lead to a career of your interest.
Ready to learn more?
Share Your Project Based Learning Story @BIEpbl

Share your PBL Story here bit.ly/2fflqXJ

Next Year- Connecting PBL with Design Thinking aNd Launching Projects

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