Logo's Over the Years

Pizza Hut

What they're known for?

Pizza hut is a restaurant and is known for their delicious pizzas, wings, breadsticks, and their Italian cuisine. They have a friendly environment, and have good deals.

Why Pizza Hut?

Frank and Dan Carney, created the franchise Pizza Hut in 1958 why they chose to go with a pizza bar other than a fast food restaurant like Mc Donald's, Kfc, or Burger King. Was of pizza increasing in popularity.


Pizza Hut's logo is mainly red and white, why they chose red is because red is a warm inviting color. It also makes the food look a lot more appetizing. White signifies a good product, and pure goodness.

Brand Makeover

To introduce new designs to not only the logo but designs to their buildings such as the "red roof", also adding WiFi to their buildings making them larger and more modern on the interior.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola's Identity

Coca cola is a soft drink, or soda pop beverage constantly competing with it's rival pepsi.


They got the name because they thought that two C's would look good in marketing.


I think they chose red because red is a friendly color, it is warm and makes the product more appetizing.

Brand Makeover

At first Coca Cola was printed in black because they didn't want to spend the money on colored printing, but when it became successful they changed up their whole design adding red to the logo.




Kentucky Fried Chicken is a restaurant that sells fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and other delicious foods.


Colonel Harland Sanders had already had his own roadside fried chicken restaurant called Corbin, during the Great Depression. He came up with the name Kentucky Fried Chicken because he believed he opened the very first restaurant in Kentucky that served fried chicken.


They chose red because they thought red would look better for advertising. So it they wanted to change to make their customers feel more welcomed and make their food look more appetizing.


It was originally black during the great depression, but they changed their logo to start fresh and give their customers a warm welcome. Changed it from Kentucky Fried Chicken to "KFC" because the word, "fried" is an unhealthy word.

Extending Brand

Since Kfc has been out there have been other fried chicken selling restaurants such as, popeyes, chick-fil-a just to name a few. Ever since KFC opened up it has started a new food on the list for fast food and itself.

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