Florida Museum of Natural History The good life experience by Josue Collado

Nature on Display: This exhibit appealed to me as the welcoming and immersing myself into the world of nature. The plants and animals seemed full of life and it seemed as if I were part of their life. The landscape is suppose to represent the beauty of South Florida and how people have been using the resources for over 12,000 years now. It was really interesting to learn about all the resources the first settlers of South Florida used such the different land animals and plants to build their homes. I hope I can one day visit similar places in South Florida and experience the real deal.
Nature and Ethics: This exhibit appealed to me ethically due to how it showcased somewhat of a dessert land with few riches. The exhibit explained how this is supposed to be a barrier island that is constantly changing due to things such as erosion and storm surges. However, it also made me think about the impact that human ethics now have on nature. The littering and un-careful actions of humans can play a large part in the change of a region such as the one above. I hope that society will further progress in terms on saving the environment and I will be able to live watching nature thrive.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum overall showcased many different types of people from various backgrounds. It was truly a great experience to see how natives of Florida used to live and the resources they owned. For example, the picture on the right above shows a typical Calusa community where people are dependent on fishing as their source of food. This really stood how to me how grateful I should be for technology and the evolutions of different societies as shown above. Seeing how people used to live gave me a better understanding how much the human race has progressed and even excites me to see how far more we will development as I get older. The overall experience was truly a great experience and I hope to return soon.
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