Life Literacy Map By:Lillian Mongare

Hello, My name is Lillian Mongare. I am here to share my amazing and difficult experiences through a Literacy Map. I will share with you experiences, people, and books that really made me the literate person I am today or rather even becoming. Reading has always been apart of my life since I was young. I may have read different books from most of you but books are books. I grew up in East Africa and so many of our books came from different Places because we had a little of our own. We appreciated any books that came our way by donations from other countries. I hope you guys enjoy my mini presentation.

Grandpa's Garden

This was one of the first books my Mom used to read for me whenever we would get ready to start the day before I even started school. Since my mother was a farmer she enjoyed reading me books that would give me an idea on what happens in a garden. This book really taught me on how to take care of crops and how to also do certain things in a garden. So most of the time my mom would take me to the garden with her I would practice what I learned from the book. This is where I learned my first vocabularies like “Crops.”

The Herd Boy

This book helped learn a lot about taking care of animals and also know that even animals need the basic needs like food, shelter, and great care to able to produce. I sure enjoyed it even more when my grandpa would read it to me and make me read it out loud to him also. This is where I learned to read with voices.

Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth was one of my first books I actually read by myself in Kindergarten. I remember just laughing so hard while reading this book. This book actually made me believe after all reading can be funny and fun at the same time. I remember wishing there were more series of Junie B. Jones but unfortunately there weren’t that many.

For you are a Kenyan Child

My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Ester had assigned us to read this book for a project. I remember being very sad because the project was about what it is like living as a Kenyan child. All I could think of was how I would arrive home after school play with my friends outside and when it gets dark get in the house and maybe help Mom clean the dishes after dinner and then do my homework before bed. What fun was there really! I though being a Kenyan child was just boring because we never had fancy toys like other kids from other Countries. We never had computers or tablets to play games we just had each other. This book really helped me understand that being a Kenya kid was not any different at all it’s just that we did things a little different than other kids from other countries. It taught me a lot about my country.

The Gruffalo

This book really gave me an idea of how a fox, an owl, and snake looked like. It also helped me be able to identify real animals because a Gruffalo was just a made up name it was never a real name of an animal.

One Hen

At first when I looked at the cover of this book, I was thrown off because “One Hen,” made me think it was it was one of those math books. I hated math and so I would always avoid reading books that dealt with it. After being forced to read it by my 4th grade Reading teacher Ms. Lulu I was actually surprised what a great lesson it had. It was a story about a boy who was given just one hen and ended up building up a flock of 25 hens. With his earnings he was able to return to school and also help his family out.

A Good Trade

This is one of the books that really made me enjoy tales so much. This book actually improved my reading because the grammar was a little hard that I had to sit with a dictionary to look up what some words meant. I made me become a better ready by searching and getting to actually understand what I was reading. Sometimes I would keep a journal of those words and just practice them.

Rabbit's Wish

This book taught me to really be to relate real life with a story in a book, it makes realize that sometimes a book can relate into a real life situation.

David Goes to School

This book was This was one of the books that my Mom read for me when I joined 1st grade. Since I was a very playful child she would always remind me the consequences of breaking classroom rules. So whenever I was at school I would always try to be on my best behavior because If I didn’t Mother had a very great beating surprise for me whenever she had a bad report from my teacher.

The Silent Boy/ Murphy's Boy

My high school experience with literacy was enhanced when we started writing essays, and reading longer books. Reading books like this really enhanced my writing. Even though I struggled reading I found myself getting better at reading and even improving my vocabulary and choice of words.
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