July 2020 members newsletter


Are our current Vice Captains and, if the Special General Meeting outcome on August 3rd dictates, they are likely to remain in those capacities for a record length of time. To the end of 2021 indeed. Meanwhile, as part of their learning curve, Captains Damien and Loraine Murphy now step back for July and August to allow our other Irish couple to “take charge”, “learn the ropes”, organise the weekend prize giving’s, and keep Scribbler busy with reports and points of possible interest. We wish them well.

This picture was taken some while ago before the mask rule was imposed.


To John and Vivienne Youngs who, back on June 27th., celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary, no little achievement.

Another picture from a few weeks back.


It would seem that many of our members must have been swinging away in their gardens or garages throughout the lockdown because there is little sign of rust. Indeed scores have been good-to-excellent and Tuesday’s (3/7) results sheet leaned heavily towards the latter. Not least if your name happened to be Mary Evans! The bare leaderboard stats are as follows:

LADIES = 44 Mary Evans. 40 Jill Davies. 40 Liisa Lindstrom. 36 Laura Thompson.

MEN = (40 Flavio Papa Quesada). 38 David Evans. 38 Hans Linderborg. 38 Peter Robinson.

Flavio is in brackets because he played as a Guest and therefore didn’t qualify to win. It was nice to see him though. At which point it is time to hand over the day’s commentary to Loraine, once more.

“On any normal day coming in with 37 points could almost guarantee you would be in with a shout of the prizes.. not at the moment !

An honourable mention though must go out to Louis Lentelink who with 37 points was just pipped on handicap into 6th place ! The very svelte looking Peter Edstrom, just slipping in ahead of him to 5th place.

For the second week in a row there has been a 3 way tie on 38 points with Peter Robinson managing to get into one of the top spots this week just behind Hans Linderborg. However, a gold star has to go to David Evans for his repeat winning performance... 2 weeks in a row David? in a non qualifying event .. all eyes are definitely going to be on you next week to see if you can make it 3 in a row !!

A very special mention goes out to our very own Flavio Papa who romped home with a fabulous 40 points ! “Boom” ! He will receive a well deserved guest prize for his stunning performance and we look forward to seeing him back in the golf shop very soon.

Flavio, from the archives.

But, yet again, the Ladies took all the glory with the absolutely on fire Mary Evans making it a clean sweep for the Evans clan with a brilliant 44 points !! All eyes are going to be on Mary next week to see if she can provide a repeat performance!

It was great to see Jill Davies back in one of the top spots with a great score of 40 points earning her second place with the lovely Liisa Lindström yet again claiming a spot on the rostrum but just pipped into 3rd place on handicap. There is an honourable mention to Laura Thompson with 36 points who just missed out on the prizes this week.

Well done Ladies !

As our first qualifying competition is Tuesday 7th July it will be interesting to see how the new World Handicap System plays out over the next few weeks.

Welcome back to our Handicap Secretary David Wilson (and the wonderfully patient Marie ) on 4th July.. your return could not have come at a more opportune moment!“

(ED. Thank you, Loraine.)


We start with an irrelevance, albeit a significant one in the history of sailing and cruising. Also, before we get to the point, it was Independence Day in America, July 4th., when our members tee’d off on our Campo of similar name, the majority, if not all, thirsting for a return to shotgun starts for weekend competitions. Captains’ v Vice Captains’ picks was the theme and for the most part matrimonial pairings, thus reducing the number of single occupancy buggies on parade. This first meaningful social battle of the Covid era saw the teams in contrasting red and blue tops and the prize giving in the hands of Kate Bradley for the first time. Her debut went well as she is happy to record:

“Well, delighted to report the Vice Captains have won the Captains v Vice Captains. A big thank you to the Blue team for helping me win my first competition as Vice Captain. Karl Haas kindly gave everyone a glass of Cava to celebrate his 80th birthday which was on the 23rd June.

The Captains/Vice Captains played only 9 holes then set up a half way house where everyone enjoyed food and drinks. It started off as a very grey day but quickly warmed up and became a lovely day.” The result was 4 to 2 in favour of the Vice Captains’ team, with two matches drawn, one by agreement as they had other tasks to perform. Like getting the refreshments ready! The rest of the day’s story is probably best told in pictures."

The Halfway nutrional input centre courtesy of the Captains and Vice Captains.
The first contestants arrive for their injection, with Arthur looking less than happy about the choice available. Wife Karen, Dorothée Schmidt & husband Achim are the others l/r.
L/r: Matt Kaarnakari, Brian Farmer, Laura Thompson and Barry Curran.
L/r opponents are Peter Penney in permanently affixed sun visors, Erling Johnson, Peter Robinson, Iain Macaulay.
L/r team members Vivienne & John Youngs, Derek Steele & Libby Robinson.
L/r: Seppo Jaaskelainen & Liisa Lindstrom, Verena & Karl Haas, recently joined member of the Order of Octogenarians.
L/r: Louis Lentelink, Mary & David Evans, reticent Pat Reid.



Daniel Berger, to whom reference was made last month, is not Austrian but American, from Florida in fact. Thanks to Alan Jewett, locked down in California, for pointing this out, and also for a nice email.


For those of us living in this neck of the woods lockdown has been quite pleasurable in many ways. A much slower pace, few schedules to keep, time to enjoy hobbies, tending the plants/garden, re-discovering discarded pursuits of bygone times, reading at leisure, tackling the ever present “To Do” list without pressure, appreciating the views, the tranquillity, the absence of traffic, and not having to mentally dwell on that missed putt. To say nothing of the financial benefits of not going out to eat, to the cinema, concerts, football matches, and so on. Some might disagree but then some people would have the last word with an echo.

The loss of ScrabbleHD was a huge loss in the Perry home, ScrabbleGO a poor substitute, with too much going on at the same time? Seemingly created for a younger generation.


Tuesday the 7th was a hot, muggy day with virtually no wind. It also saw the resumption of Qualifying golf and the application of the new Global Handicap systems. Thoughtfully, and essentially, the office had prepared the cards with the requisite information but one suspects there was a certain amount of discussion amongst those who tend to question most things. There was certainly some mumbling about the greens and the ladies’ tee on the 15th. Because of the work going on there David Wilson had gone out early to put two red stakes from which to drive but somehow his kindness didn’t register, with greenkeepers or players it seems.

There was an incident on the 5th about which it is best to ask Louis Lentelink, potentially the hero of the moment. However, it is suggested that you avoid reference to the first green on which our reigning Matchplay Champion is reported to have four putted!

The official “report” on the day comes from Peter & Kate Bradley:

“Weather conditions were perfect for golf, with a light breeze as we played Asia for the first time in several weeks. Through the green was excellent visually and for playability as traffic is down and the turf well rested. The greens were another matter entirely. Recent hollow tining and dressing, making them rather unfriendly, temporarily, thus making putting difficult but also making an excellent excuse for those whose Stableford results did not begin with a ‘3’!!!! It was the very first qualifying Round under the new World Handicap System so we will watch for the effect on handicaps with extra interest.

Some sad news to end in that the new slimmer, boyish ASHLEY, our ex head marshall has decided to go back to the UNITED KINGDOM due to lack of employment availability here in Spain. We all wish him the very best for the future and he will be missed. Good luck Ashley.”

Familiar names dominated the leader boards with Mary Evans maintaining her hot form of late with a 37, just enough to edge out Jill Davies, and Lilly Lagerwerf, both on 36. As indeed was Liisa Lindstrom whose post lockdown consistency has been a feature so far.

Over on the masculine front Arthur O’Connor came in with three points better than Mike Fisher who clocked up 35 for the second successive appearance. 34 earned Vic Hilliard third place."


The wind blustering round Los Altos all day certainly qualified as “howling”, with eolian tones too, but didn’t stop Lilian and me having our fourth BBQ of the week. Whatever else the air was warm. On the course, according to Kate Bradley’s report, which follows, it was less friendly.

“It was a hot, humid day all day long, so made it rather tiring. We played a Waltz and 9 teams competed.

The winning scores were extremely close, with L/R Peter Robinson, Karin Luxon, Wendy Hinds, Damien Murphy just losing out on handicap with 88 points.

Then, in 3rd place were l/r Karl Haas, Karen O’Connor, David Willson, Roy Davis, also with 88 points.

However, the clear winners with 90 points was the team of l/r John Youngs, James Reid, Suzanne Valentin, Danny Rees. A nice start for Danny who returned this week.

Only one “2” was achieved, by David Wilson, who received a generous 18 balls.

Before the prizegiving David distributed a three page document on the new World Handicap System and gave a short speech on its implementation. David Rogers is on holiday currently but hopes to get the new system on our computer up and running very soon. There were a lot of groans from the membership regarding the complexity of the WHS but we simply have to get used to it.

For the benefit to those not there on Saturday a link to his comments is enclosed.

Members were advised that there are now 66 signed up for the Blue Hawaiian evening August 16th and asked to pay at least one week before. 25 Euros for Members, 30 Euros for guests.”

Monies to Kate, please folks.


It is always nice to welcome additions to the ranks of members and this month we can tell you all a little bit about both of them. Pascale Hall and Barry Curran (later) are our subjects for a paragraph or two and, it being the correct way of things, we start with the lady.

It is a long time since Scribbler retired and job titles have changed dramatically meanwhile, to the extent that one must admit to not knowing what a ‘Sales Performance Consultant’ does! Which is a pity because that’s what Pascale is. What can be reported is that she has dual nationality, half UK and half Belgian, and is fluent in Dutch, English and French. She lived in the South of France, playing her golf at Valcros (next to Bormes les Mimosas), but now home for her is here in Spain, the move prompted by the 2008 recession.

As well as golf, with a respectable handicap of 24.6 (in old language), she enjoys yoga and working out in the gym. Like so many of us she has been smitten by La Cala and the beautiful views. Because she is still a working girl her playing is limited to the weekends but she has already met several of the ladies and owners. We welcome her warmly.

To balance my admitted ignorance, a few questions were asked, and the following learned. Pascale’s consultancy is aimed at helping B2B organisations improve their sales effectiveness and performance. Her clients are large multi-nationals or start-ups with complex sales. Her career has included being a Global Account Director in the office furniture business, a spell in the Yellow Pages advertising world, and real estate for private investors. Along the way she owned a B & B in Provence and it comes as little surprise to learn that she is a very good cook! A member described her as “bubbly” but our paths have yet to cross. A pleasure to come.

JULY 1966

Fifty four years ago this very month it was my very real pleasure to be sitting in the old Wembley Stadium watching England win the World Cup, for the first and only time. Three West Ham players in the team, giant and colourful national flags galore, a clear blue sky, a wonderful atmosphere, and the traditional foe defeated. What a wonderful occasion and lasting memory. The photograph of Bobby Moore hoisted on the shoulders of his team mates is still within easy sight above my desk here. However, the reason for bringing the subject up again is to pay a simple tribute to Jackie Charlton, a mighty centre half of the old style, and a colossus that afternoon. A one club man for Leeds United, appearing almost 800 times in their famous white shirts, and later on a more than successful Manager of the Irish national team. His achievements will not be easily forgotten.

Three pictures of Jackie Charlton who has died at the age of 85.


When the 10.30 am tee off group assembled on America, Tuesday 14/7, who would have bet on three of them finishing in the top six eighteen holes later? For popular Seppo it was to prove a dream day Conquering the 4th only happens at night in slumberland for most of us.

Now over to Lady Captain Kate Bradley:

“The dreaded “MEDAL COMPETITION” took place today and 26 men and 13 brave ladies donned the golf course on a rather hot and sunny day.

The most exciting occurrence of the day was a Hole in One on Number 4 would you believe on America. Seppo Jaaskelainen used a 7 iron and saw the ball go into the hole. He kindly let the membership share in the celebrations by buying everyone a glass of Cava.... Thank you Seppo. Seppo also took first prize with a superb Net 68. He was cut 0.2. In 2nd place was Captain Damien Murphy with a Net 72 and a cut of 0.3. Richard Hinds scored 73 and was also cut though only 0.1. Finally 4th prize went to Sten Valentin with a net 73.

When claiming his reward Seppo said a few words of thanks but also added a calculation that over the course of 30 years of playing golf he had made about 9000 attempts but this was his very first success. Not all on America’s 4th though!

The ladies saw the same names up in the winning circle as we have seen for the past several weeks. Lilly was third with a net 74 and was cut 0.4. Mary Evans as usual was on the podium again in 2nd place with a net 73 but in first place and it truly was a special weekend for the Finnish was Lisa LINDSTROM with a net 69 and a cut of 0.8.”


For Scribbler anyway. The birth of his personal Project Restart no less. The first prizegiving attendance since January 11th. No camera clicking for six months. It was a sunny day, too hot for some no doubt, but lovely to see all the familiar faces again. Some a little changed. Like Arthur O’Connor, for example, now ‘Yul” to his intimates. Some new. Like Barry Curran about whom, said he hopefully, there will be more later.

It was lovely to be back. Even if we were herded away from the main auditorium, up the steps and into the smaller area with the bamboo/cane/raffeta “ceiling” which, on the plus side, provides protection from the sun, but on the other turns everyone into tigers or zebras, a nightmare for the man with the camera. My iMac has brightened things up a bit but, unless Dorothée can weave her magic, apologies must be offered to those who appear. Not our fault. Honest.

Vice Captain Kate Bradley is settling into her weekly performance and is able to ride rough shod over unintentional disruptions. A voice to be heard and not challenged. Her main three announcements were of the prize winners in the day’s Bramble played on Asia, Saturday 18/7.

3rd with 112 points, on handicap were Laura Thompson, David Wilson, Achim & Dorothée Schmidt.

2nd on 112 points came Erling Johnsen, Arthur O’Connor, Karin Luxon, Erik Johnsen, Erling’s son.

1st with an enviable 114 points were Damien Murphy and granddaughter, Karen O’Connor, Jill Davies, Pat Reid. (James Reid, of no known relationship, was not trespassing but on official business as hander-over of the vouchers, but why is less than clear with two captains and the male Vice Captain in attendance?)


The LCR area was brightly lit by lightning in the early hours of Tuesday morning. At frequent intervals it gave warning of intent and then, before night turned into day, the thunder started. Clad only in my underpants, the elements were braved as cushions were retrieved from the terraces, awnings taken in, windows closed to stop water getting through the otherwise sufficiently protective mosquito netting. The quickly moving cushion carrier never attracted the attention of a lightning bolt but one did reflect afterwards that carrying the metallic BBQ indoors might have been less than sensible. Come the first tee off time at 0930 21/7 the thunder was still going on a bit, but with decreasing enthusiasm, throwing down a couple of minutes of heavy blobs before disappearing whence he had come. The flag on the 16th hung limp and lifeless through it all. Play proceeded as planned.

Well, Richard Hinds might not have presumed to ‘plan’ a score of 42 points but that’s what he got, to earn a five shot margin over Hans Linderborg, and seven over JP Karlsson. At time of scribbling he has yet to receive his prize but he was rewarded the very next evening when West Ham managed a draw at Old Trafford and earned the point which means they remain in the Premier Division for next season.

The Ladies’ scores were more modest but 36 by Isabella Rippinger consolidated her prime position on the podium. Jill Davies, for whom the word consistent was created, chalked up 34, as did Anne Hannam, just back on the scene and already making an impact.

David Moody had to cry off at short notice due to a raging toothache and urgent need of a dentist. We hope he was successful. Derek Steele was disqualified for going home with his score card in his pocket. Very unusual but by his standards of late 31 points might just have been a bit depressing?


A man who keeps a promise is the first compliment that comes to mind. Without his contribution parts of this newsletter would have needed amending. Instead we can now tell members a little more about this new face in our midst. New in the sense of playing golf as a member at last, having had a home in the Resort for 22 years! A home shared, on and off here because of his career, with wife Karen, daughter Annabella and son Zachary. A much travelled family. Now, having recently retired as Area Manager of Marriott Hotels in Nigeria, he can put down some golfing roots and doubtless work his way back to his previous best 17 handicap (old language). Barry is of Irish extraction and a keen supporter of Munster Rugby. His last golf club was Katamaya Dunes in Cairo. Our club has always enjoyed a healthy percentage of Irish folk so Barry should feel at home here. Welcome to the ranks, Barry.


There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy, and achieving success. You have to laugh and find humour every day. You’ve got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams you die. There are so many people walking around who are dead and don’t even know it.

There is a huge difference between growing older and growing up. Anybody can grow older. That doesn’t take any talent or ability. The idea is to grow up by always finding opportunity in change. Have no regrets. The elderly usually don’t have regrets for what they did, but rather for things they didn’t do.

Remember, growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.


A metal or earthenware pot typically having a funnel-shaped top, used for spitting into. Clear enough? Not a football pitch, golf course, or cricket ground. Television of late would suggest otherwise. Spitting is back with a vengeance. Dustin Johnson sets a terrible example of this un-necessary habit. Tiger Woods not far behind. Footballers and cricketers galore even though it is difficult to understand why cameramen give any coverage. A few years ago there was a season or two when it got quite out of hand. All sorts of medical reasons were put forward by way of explanation, and all died a natural death with the passage of time and the unfortunate introduction of a new word into the English language which, heaven forbid, will not be repeated here.


Being rather removed from the hub of things in recent times it is hard to form an opinion on the new Global Handicap System, other than it is extremely complicated and has given birth to very few complimentary comments. Quite the opposite in fact. Doubtless the mumbles will die away in time, members will accept their fate, but let us hope we don’t have too many playing off the new maximum of 54. 54!!! What happened to the dream of speeding up play?


A 2-ball betterball competition took place on America on a hot Sunday, the 25th to be exact, but the heat made no difference to a number of pairings already on fire judging by their scores. What is currently disappointing though, is the diminishing interest in the traditional prizegiving. For understandable reasons. Few want to sit around for a couple of hours after finishing, waiting for the last group out to report in. Wouldn’t happen if we could get back to shotgun starts but meanwhile the whole “ceremony” lacks substance. One feels sorry for those in charge for the day, Kate Bradley at the moment. She does very well in fact, but the absence of prize winners doesn’t help the cause.

1st with an incredible 50 points were Richard Hinds & Seppo Jaaskelainen. “Shouldn’t be allowed” came from the floor.

2nd with an impressive 45 points were Loraine Murphy & Cees Lagerwerf

3rd but on handicap came Jill Davies & Campbell McGarvie with 44.

Because of the format and number of entrants there were six prizes this week so the story continues.

4th also on 44 but minus the gone home Derek Steele were he and JP Karlsson.

5th were a smiling twosome, James Reid & Peter Marler, on handicap with 43.

6th and last before the camera came Laura & Geoff Thompson, with 43 points on the credit side but a ridiculous short range putt which finished off the green on the debit side. Witnessed by the Scribbler from his terrace overlooking the 16th. Geoff’s explanation later didn’t quite hold up!


Thanks to Kate Bradley we can include a brief report on yesterday’s visit to Asia course. Tuesday 28/7 for the records.

"In sweltering heat and a lot of humidity, 51 players took part in the Qualifying Stableford Competition.

The best score of the day in the Men was a guest of Mike Fisher - his granddaughter’s partner who apparently only plays when he comes to La Cala. Playing off 18 he had a fabulous score of 40 points so one to keep an eye on. J.P. Karlsson once again was first of the members with 36 points, followed by Geoff Thompson with 36 also but beaten on handicap. Rob Garner, on his return to La Cala and nice to see him back, had 35 to take third place, also on handicap from Arthur O’Connor.

Mike & Pearl Fisher are great-great-grandparents, believe it or not. Louis Roberts, winner of Tuesday's event, is the partner of their granddaughter and father of three great great grandchildren, all of whom are here at least once every year. It has been an annual pleasure to share at least one golf round with Louis who has a natural talent. Developing it is distracted by his demanding career and his love of Aston Villa FC whom, being also of claret and blue attire, West Ham were happy to help avoid relegation this year.

Jill Davies scored an amazing 40 points whilst second was Anne Hannam with a very respectable 34. Coming in 3rd with 33 points was Marie Wilson.”

No less than eight 50 cent coins were in the cash envelopes yesterday, something of a record. Members are respectfully reminded not to use small coins. A) the bank won’t accept them and B) it adds to the counting up time and the captaincy has enough to do already. Thank you."


As the clock ticks inexorably towards deadline comes the following commentary from our Captaincy which we are pleased to include.

'Golf' by HH Rutledge