My Tour of The Nature Museum By: Joel Huddleston

Nature on Display: This is a picture I was able to take while on a tour of the butterfly museum. I found the butterfly museum to be unique in that it gives the butterflies a large area to live while also giving us the ability to see them close up. I enjoyed seeing the butterflies, and mostly how they respond to their environment. When I went it was pretty cold out, and the staff said the butterflies wouldn't be as active due to the cold weather. I found that interesting and something I can relate to as I love warmer weather!
Nature and Ethics: As Leopold insists that we "love, respect, and admire" the natural world this little frog was a direct example of that ideal. This is a picture of a golden poison dart frog which was on display in the frog exhibit. The information on this frog's exhibit insisted that it is quite possibly the most poisonous animal on earth and can kill up to 10 people. As I read that it gave me a sense of appreciation for this frogs role in nature, but also a respect to give the frog the distance it deserves. Even as I stood there admiring the frog a child came by displaying outwardly the admiration for the beauty of the frog that I was experiencing internally.
Nature and the Human Spirit: I've always told my friends that I love the sunlight. The warmth it gives, and the joy it brings me are an instant energy boost. As I walked outside in the butterfly exhibit I experienced the warm sunlight on a cold day, but even that little bit of sunlight made me appreciate nature all the more on such a cold day. Walking through exhibits seeing different forms of life was refreshing after studying long hours during a tough week of school. Stepping away from school work to just admire life was relaxing.
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