An Experience in Volunteer Work BY: sara aref and mariam al-kuwari

What volunteering job did you do?

On February 2017 we volunteered in the school's canteen

What was your role in your team?

Mariam: My role in the team was handing out the food
Sara: My role in the team was to handle the money and give Mariam the food

What are some other volunteer jobs you would consider doing?

We both agreed that if we ever got another opportunity volunteering in the school we'd volunteer with helping the nurse or a teacher!

What skills did you learn by doing this job?

Sara: While helping by volunteering in the canteen I learnt how to deal with money and being responsible about it, because this is someone's salary
Mariam: By doing this job I learnt how to work quickly and responsibly, and how to deal with problems quickly too.

What is the importance of volunteering?

Volunteering is important not only because it gives you an insight of how the real world works but also how to work hard and put effort in what you're doing

What lessons did you learn through this experience?

That working hard is the key to success

Why did you choose to do this job?

We chose this job because we worked before in the food sale and it was extremely fun!

What was your favorite memory through this whole experience and why?

Sara: My favorite memory through this experience was after we finished selling the food and seeing how much we helped and gave a break to the canteen ladies!
Mariam: My favorite memory was the whole thing I can't choose the whole thing was very fun and exciting!!!!!

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