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Welcome to my page!! My name is Susan Neggia and I am a senior at the University of Scranton. I am from Fair Lawn, NJ and am a Jersey Girl through and through. I am the middle child and have an older brother, Andrew, and a younger sister Jill, and the best golden retriever puppy, Bosco. My parents and siblings are the center point of my life and I love them endlessly. They have taught me how beautiful life is, and that is going to be the theme for my page: "The Culture of Seeing Beauty". Beauty is all around us and with our hectic lives we race through each day and miss the opportunity to see the world around us and life each moment to the fullest. The inspiration for this page was also brought to light by my theology professor this semester, Dr. Olsen, who would tell us how films are beautiful (not cool or awesome), but breathtakingly beautiful. I have never viewed any movie as such, and this experience opened my eyes that I need to make a culture of seeing beauty everyday. I hope to take you on a journey through my heart and mind to help myself and you all to see the beauty in the world!

The Fisher King

The other day in class we watched a movie called "The Fisher King" and it not only had breathtaking scenes, but breathtaking lessons as well. The homeless man, Parry, had nothing, but he would give the few things he did have to help other people. My favorite scene in the film was when Jack and Anne set up a double date with Parry and Lydia. It is hilariously funny and stunningly beautiful. On the walk to the date, sparks literally flew from a construction site down onto Parry and Lydia (how gorgeous was that! did you see it or did you miss the minute details?!). The date was also beautifully disgusting. Anne and Jack looked on with horror as Parry and Lydia ate dumplings off the floor, slurped dishes, licked fingers, but also had the most perfect first date for themselves. They didn't care what other people thought of their manners or if they stayed all night in the restaurant; they enjoyed each other's company and had sparks (and dumplings) flying! Never judge other people or bring other people down because every lives and experiences life differently. God places each person on earth for a different reason and never dull anyone's sparkle.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays! I loved decorating valentine mailboxes in elementary school and giving each of my classmates either a Scooby Doo or Princess valentine note. I love love. I try to spread love through my words and actions each and everyday to every person I encounter. I look forward to Valentines Day each year, not only because pink is my favorite color, but because the day revolves around love. I think that celebrating love (in any shape or form) is a beautiful thing. I think a lot of people lose sight in the true meaning of the day as many believe you have to be in a relationship to celebrate it, however, I don't think that could be farther from the truth. Everyone on Valentines Day is my Valentine as I try to give everyone a little extra love (and piece of candy) that I encounter on this day. Love is an amazing thing to celebrate and I am a huge sucker for love and Valentine's Day! <3


As I continue this page I am going to add quotes each week that speak to me (and hopefully speak to you!). I hope they teach us about life, love, and beauty.

  • "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it". (Confucius)
  • "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." (Vicki Corona)
  • "Be attentive. Be intelligent. be reasonable. Be responsible. Be in love." (B. Lonergan, SJ)
  • "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." (Coco Chanel)
  • "Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul"

ASL Reflection

Yesterday in my ASL 2 class we had a mom come in and talk to us about her son's experience of being at first hard of hearing and then becoming completely deaf. She explained to us how he was bullied by school officials, teachers, and classmates. He would receive poor grades not because he was a bad student, but because he couldn't hear and the teacher wouldn't repeat the directions. There was an underlying theme of a "understanding" and how necessary that is for all people to learn and grow from each experience they have. She explained that a lack of understand of the deaf community and culture by school administrators, teachers, and students diminished her son's confidence. And a lack of understanding from her son resulted in poor grades and misunderstanding between him and fellow students. The deaf community is absolutely beautiful and American Sign Language is spectacular so I hope you all educate yourself on both and possible learn some signs.

Everyone has wings, but it is your job to be the wind and help them fly.

The mom told us this quote above during her talk with our class and I thought it was beautiful and life changing. She explained that every person you meet no matter their age, gender, or possible disability has immense and innumerable gifts to offer the world. She said that all people have invisible wings and they just need some wind under their wings to fly and soar in anything they set out to do (whether it be soar in their confidence or academics or anything else). She ended her talk with telling us to always be the wind and always lift people up and let them soar, whether or not it's a simple gesture or helping someone conquer a huge task...always always always be the wind.

Who do you Give Thanks to for Something Beautiful?
In class yesterday (2/25), our professor was explaining a beautiful moment he had in the swiss alps with many people he had just met at a conference. He explained that everyone walked outside to see the moon over the matterhorn in the most breathtaking view. he explained that everyone tried to take a picture, but that none of those pictures captured the true beauty of the moment they were in and the view they were gaping at. He told us then he thought: who do we thank for such beautiful, precious, and breath taking moments?
This quick aside opened my eyes to two things: 1) who do we thank for these moments? I think everyone's answers may be different, but have you thought of this before? I would definitely have thanked god for a beautiful moment. I have a deep catholic faith and believe that God presents beautiful moments and experiences and has ultimately made it happen and allowed me to be there during it. 2) the experience is more beautiful than any picture could capture. We need to get off of our phones and live in the moment. no need to take a picture because they picture didn't even compare to the true experience and beauty of the moment anyway! Live, Breath, experience, and love each and every moment that is given to us.

If You Are Anything in This World, Be Nice

In my Intro to Health Administration class the other day our professor was reminiscing of memories of his father and explaining how his father always said to him: "If you are anything in this world, be nice." He explained to us how his father owned a local pharmacy and had been a pharmacist for decades. The story that our professor told us will never leave me. He told us that one day a regular customer came into the pharmacy (our professor was working behind the counter) with his pockets full of pennies. The pharmacist (our professor's father) came out and gave the regular a warm welcome. The man dumped about 3 dollars worth of pennies onto the front counter and explained to the pharmacist that he may not be able to pay for his wife's medication that week, knowing that her medication was about $7. The pharmacist knew that she would not be able to survive for long without her medication and did something that changed my professor's life and my life for ever. The pharmacist collected up all of the pennies and told the man he was wrong and that he overpaid him; the pharmacist gave the man a 10 dollar bill out of the register along with his wife's medication. $10 was considered a lot of money back in those times, but the pharmacists knew he was on this Earth to help people and so he strove to do that every day, whether that meant filling prescriptions or someone's wallet who couldn't afford food for the day let alone medication.

The Little Things Mean the Most

The other day in class, Dr. Olsen showed us a movie starring Will Farrell called Stranger Than Fiction. Throughout the movie, Will's character, Harold, takes a love interest in a head-strong young woman who owns a bakery in NYC. One night, Will wakes up and runs over to the bakery to express his love for Anna and brings her flours (not flowers), but a box full of assorted flours. If I were in Anna's shoes, this heartfelt gesture would have meant more to me than any amount of real flowers as it was characteristic of her love of baking and unique, thoughtful, and special to her and her passion. Once again Dr. Olsen taught me to look for the small things in movies because if we don't we will miss the most life-changing and heart-altering parts. This movie taught me that everyone is different and those differences (whether you are brought flours or flowers) make the world the beautiful and unique place it is. You should definitely watch this clip of the movie below...it is well worth it and may change your life (and the outlook you have on it) as it did for me.

Take the Pictures!

A small moment in class the other day resonated with me and taught me a lesson that will last a lifetime. Dr. Olsen and a student in our class went to Africa for a service trip this past Intercession. They came into class dressed in African clothing (and both looked amazing)! Someone asked them if they wanted a picture to commemorate their trip and the meeting they were having after our class was over to meet up with other students/faculty that went on the trip and to catch up. Dr. Olsen did not think or hesitate for a second about taking a picture with our student in their African clothing, and this surprised me. I feel like I am always the person who is the most unenthused to take a picture and would rather take pictures of other people, but what good is that? Shouldn't I jump at the opportunity to take a picture to commemorate a special moment and have it last for a lifetime instead of letting a special moment with a happy memory pass me by? I think Dr. Olsen teaches me a lesson each and every class, which is amazing and helps me to live life more fully and live without regrets and without looking back. Take the pictures while you can, don't say no to the pictures because they can mark beautiful moments in your life that you can relive time and time again.

Calculus of Consequences

Do we say what we feel when we feel it? or do we remain a wallflower? The internal calculation of what we should do in certain situations...similar to me and the boy I like (would life be easier if everyone just said what they felt?)

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