Peter Valkous By Reid Stapp

Peter Valkous was a famous Ceramic artist who was American with his ancestors being from Greece. Early in Peter's career he used electric and gas kiln's before switching to anagama kilns. Peter fought in World War II before studying painting and print making at Montana State College. Peter had many different jobs such as teaching, working at the art institute, and ceramics which is what he is most famous for. He was a professor teaching ceramics from 1967 all the way to 1985. Peter died in 2002 leaving a wife and a daughter behind. I was drawn to Peter because of the size of his pieces. They aren't very detailed, but the size and how he was able to make it that big fascinates me. It's amazing how he can make pieces of this size with just his hands. That is what drew me to him.

This piece is Untitled, It's made completely of bronze and is located in the Frank Lloyd Gallery.
This piece is called Siguirilla, It's Wood-fired It's made of stoneware, and it is located in the Frank Lloyd Gallery.

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