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People adapt to living in a desert region in many ways. One way people adapt to this environment is by living near oases. By living near oases, people have a nearby water source, and access to food such as dates. People also adapt to living in a desert region by using shifting agriculture. By using this technique, people always have usable farmland. This is done by farming on land, then moving to other land. This way the previous land has time to recover its nutrients. People have found even more ways to adapt, and more ways will also be invented.

An Oasis

Many things divide the EU. One thing that divides the EU is the traditions of a nation within the EU. For example the Czech Republic believes that the longer their food is out, the better it tastes. The EU’s laws do not allow this for health reasons. A second thing that divides the EU is the different languages. There are 20 different languages in the EU. This makes it harder for citizens to communicate while traveling. This is a problem because traveling is a big factor in uniting the EU. These are only a couple of the many factors that divide the EU.

Divided EU

A limited government is much safer, and more productive than an unlimited government. Hitler is a great example of an unlimited government causing a lack of safety. Once Hitler got elected, he got way too much power and everything went downhill. Because of Hitler's power many things went wrong. Many citizens got killed and sent to jail. This was only for the sake of Hitler staying in power, and even just for his personal needs. When a government is unlimited people like Hitler can easily become leaders. This can take much time for a government to recover from, which will greatly affect a government's productivity. It will be easy for people to take over because without having to rig their way into power like Hitler, unlimited power will basically be handed to him or her. This will give the government a greater chance of having to recover from people like Hitler. As history has shown, a limited government is much better than one that is unlimited.

Limited Government

A good citizen means you fulfill responsibilities like taxes. A good citizen also means you have rights like freedom of speech. Lastly, a good citizen means you obey laws made by the government. All of these properties make up a good citizen.


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