Korean War By :josE and sui

Where was the conflict?

The war was fought on both North and south sides of the the 38th parallel in Korea.

When did it occur?

Korean War started in June 25, 1950

Who was involved?

Both North and South Korea had strong allies behind them. The North was supported by Russia and China. On the other hand, the south had support from the United Nations including the U.S. to stop the spread of communism.

Key Dates

June 25, 1950- war started, Sep 15, 1950- US invades Inchon, Oct 19, 1950- North Korea capital was under US control. Nov 4, 1950- Chinese forces pushed the US out and controlled South Korea capital Seoul. Summer of 1953- formal peace treaty never signed, a lot of South Korean and American soldiers died. Re-established the 38th parallel.

What started the conflict?

The war started when 75,000 troops from the North crossed the 38th parallel and invaded the south. The North of course was supported by the soviets and China. This was the first military action in the Cold War.

How did the conflict effect the country?

Both south and North Korea suffered a lot, both combined lost about 4 million soldiers. This war was considered one of the most destructive war of the 20th century. The Korean War damaged was never fully recovered, till today there are still hate among the north and south. North remained communist and South Korean became a free republic.

What is the current state of affairs in the country?

The North and the south remain separated by the 38th parallel to this day. The south still has a democratic based government while the North has a dictator.

Could this event be considered a success?

Yes, because the United States showed that they would help anyone who are willing to fight against communism but on the other hand it was a failure for the Soviet Union. It was somewhat a failure because the US lost a lot of troops and kept pushing too far which led to China joining the fight.


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