Transgenic Tomatoes By: Seth Cook

PThe transgenic tomato was the worlds first available genetically modified crop, it has since not been found.A transgenic tomato has a deactivated gene. A tomato having a deactivated gene means it can't produce polygalacturonase, which is a enzyme that involved in the softening of the fruit. The idea of this was that you could leave them on shelves to ripen so you could uncover their full potential taste. These transgenic tomatoes were a let down. We haven't seen them in the U.S after their peak in 1998. They aren't being grown in North America and aren't allowed in Europe.

Pros:Makes better tasting tomatoes, makes more of them quicker, increases nutrition.

Cons: Unknown allergies, it cost more money, and we don't know the long term effects.

My thoughts: I feel as if we should stay natural and stick with the original tomatoes because we don't know if they're harmful.



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