Natural History Richard cochran

The butterfly exhibit in the museum was the most amusing. It brought the visitor outside into the warm sunny weather of Florida. This exhibit captured my attention through the beautiful butterflies that the exhibit supports. I learned that you can hold butterflies by the bottom of their wings, but you cannot touch the top or else it damages their ability to fly.
This large picture of Florida really stood out to me. It shows the beautiful oceans that surround us, but it also shows all the human development. As you can see in the bottom right part of Florida, the city and suburbs of Miami are very noticeable. Human development is reaching out towards nature in the Everglades and expanding too far. We will soon conquer all of what little wilderness is left. Unfortunately, rising sea levels also came to my mind in this picture. Florida is a very flat state, but there are many parts that are not even five feet above sea level. I could see that cities like Miami and Tampa will face some challenges in the near future, especially since so many people live there.
With natural light coming into the picture, it was challenging to see myself and the exhibit in the background. This part of the museum was one of the more interesting ones to myself. It shows how native people lived with the land, and not against it. Everything they took from earth, they also gave back. It makes me appreciate how earth is giving and provides everything that we need to live. The native people really had a healthy connection with earth.

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