Launching World Oceans Day, June 8 2019

Regenerating ocean health by restoring and protecting ‘blue carbon’ coastal ecosystems*

*mangrove forests, seagrass, kelp forests, coral reefs and critical regional watersheds

SeaTrees is the first regenerative ocean-health-focused platform created for the global surf community. It's designed to help reverse climate change by sequestering CO2 in the most threatened ecosystems on the planet – while also catalyzing a chain-reaction of “ocean-positive” local benefits that improve: water quality, biodiversity of plants and animals, protection from storms and economic opportunities for local communities.

“Forest protection, and tropical and temperate forest restoration together, are the most powerful solutions available to address global warming.” DRAWDOWN: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming / Edited by Paul Hawken

3X World Champ Mick Fanning riding a low-carbon , verified ECOBOARD in the 2019 Stab in the Dark movie. This board's climate impact was wiped out by planting SeaTrees.

SeaTrees directly supports the




SeaTrees makes it easy for you to PLANT and PROTECT trees in blue carbon coastal ecosystems around the world.

SeaTrees allows you to see the direct impact you are a having at the level of the specific project.

SeaTrees enables you to share your actions with friends & followers - and invite them to make their own #oceanpositive impact.

How ?

  1. SHOP, PLANT, PROTECT - SeaTrees is an online marketplace where people can purchase products that directly fund the planting of trees in coastal ecosystems.
  2. WIPE-OUT YOUR CLIMATE IMPACT - SeaTrees allows individuals and brands to calculate their climate impact and purchase verified carbon credits to 'wipe-out' that impact.

We’re collaborating with popular artists to create unique wearable art – a token of the SeaTrees being planted.

Each product sold directly funds the reforestation and protection of SeaTrees.

Our first limited release products feature the unmistakable art of renowned surf-artist - Andy Davis and award-winning environmental photographer, author, designer - Josie Iselin.

BULL KELP - by Josie Iselin

Every purchase is linked to a unique code that allows SeaTrees supporters to see where their SeaTrees are being planted, what special ecosystem services their trees SeaTrees are providing, and the communities that are planting those trees.

Andy Davis x SeaTrees SLIDE Pin
Andy Davis x SeaTrees Bracelet
Andy Davis x SeaTrees Tote
Signed Copy of An Ocean Garden - Josie Iselin

In this captivating book, artist and avid beachcomber Josie Iselin celebrates the unexpected beauty of seaweed, an often overlooked but fundamental aspect of ocean life. Iselin’s vibrant portraits of ocean flora reveal the exquisite color and extraordinary forms of more than two hundred specimens gathered from tidal pools along the California and Maine coasts. Her engaging text, which accompanies the images, blends personal observation and philosophical musings with scientific fact.

Dive Deeper.

Wipe-out your impact to go Ocean-Positive.

SeaTrees is an online marketplace. Individuals and brands can quickly calculate their current climate impact, 'wipe-out' that impact, and become Ocean Positive, by paying to plant & protect SeaTrees qualifying coastal ecosystem forest.

SeaTrees supporters can choose the specific projects they want to support, know where their SeaTrees are being planted / protected, what special ecosystem services their trees SeaTrees are providing, and the communities that are planting those trees.

We partner with local communities to plant & protect SeaTrees.

We carefully curate the best blue-carbon coastal ecosystem projects - globally.

SeaTrees projects will sequester carbon, provide critical habitat for marine life, deliver direct economic benefits to local communities and provide protection from storms, flooding and sea-level rise.

Projects are chosen based on appropriate industry best practices and for their ability to scale up their impact to meet the global climate challenge we face.

We use a combination of existing independent certification programs, in-person site visits, customized technology tools, and our own transparent criteria based on industry best practices and reporting guidelines to ensure accountability.

Current Projects.

Indonesia. Biak Island - Mangrove reforestation & protection

Project Partner: Eden Projects

Cambodia. Southern Cardamom - Ridge-to-Reef watershed

Project Partner: Wildlife Works / Wildlife Alliance

USA. California - Giant Kelp Forest Restoration

Project Partner: The Bay Foundation / Heal The Bay

Myanmar. Thor Hyerdahl Climate Park - Mangrove reforestation and protection


We have a strong list of brands and influencers ready to support the launch of SeaTrees on World Oceans Day, JUNE 8 2019 and 'wipe-out' their climate impact.

120 Million surf fans* & ocean-lovers looking for onramps


A November 2018 survey by Stab Magazine [arguably the most ‘core’ voice in surf] revealed that the global surf community considers climate change to be the most significant challenge we face as humans.

Our own 2018 survey data [undertaken in partnership with University of Plymouth [UK] and Scripps Institution of Oceanography] reinforces that result:

  1. Surfers and ocean-lovers have a high degree of concern for global environmental issues
  2. They are starting to take action on climate change, and
  3. Perhaps most importantly, they have a desire to engage in more actions if they were made more accessible [this is why we create onramps].

It might seem obvious, but ocean-minded people are more likely to support conservation projects that have a direct link to the ocean.

*World Surf League, 2016


Blue Carbon / Coastal Wetland projects are critical to erasing the negative impacts caused by climate change. These ecosystems are 5X more effective at sequestering carbon-dioxide than terrestrial forests and they provide crucial ocean ecosystems.

Mangrove forests account for 50% of the carbon stored in ocean sediments. Unfortunately, Mangrove forests are being cleared at an alarming rate. Over 50% of mangroves have been lost in the last 50 years, and currently account for 10% of world’s CO2 emissions from deforestation.


Sustainable Surf is an ocean-health innovation lab that uses surf culture to sell a sustainable lifestyle to an audience all around the world.

SeaTrees joins our suite of award-winning programs, [including the ECOBOARD Project™ Waste to Waves™ and Deep Blue Event™] provide engaging “onramps” for people and businesses to make low-carbon, yet highly desirable choices that are better for our oceans.

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