The Sand Project The story so far

The Sand Project was founded by teachers inspired by the students they worked with. So it made sense to make them the first trainees in our organisation!
As part of their enterprise curriculum, we worked with sixth form students from Oak Grove College

Pop up Second-hand Shop and Cafe

Based on school premises but open to the public, students were supported in the setting up and running of the enterprise whilst gently introducing them to the added element of retail and customer service to less familiar people.

High Street Retail

With the capital raised through the pop-up shop and cafe, students were able to contribute towards securing a high street shop.

The next step was to transform this....
Into this! Our boutique is now open for business and provides #skillsbuilder focused training base for retail and customer service skills.
Thanks to Neil, from Custom T Shirts, Worthing, for an excellent (and very reasonable) job of signage
Thanks to the great kindness of Perfectly Green artificial grass specialists we have been able to turn a pretty grim space into something more inviting
And thanks to the amazing generosity and organisation of the mummy sisterhood we now have rails and shelves filled with beautiful, high quality preloved goods to finance the free training of our students

The latest post from our trainee, Stevie

To see more of our trainees films and keep up to date with their progress visit our Stars and Dandelions webpage

Barista Coffee Skills

With coffee shops and stalls everywhere, we thought Barista skills would open the doors of enterprise and employment for our trainees.

Thanks to a Community Initiative Fund grant from the council we were able to purchase a rather beautiful and shiny espresso coffee machine for trainees to practice on.

How could we earn money for the Sand Project whilst doing our Barista training in a safe and non-stressful way (i.e. with no customers close by to bother us!)?

An online coffee delivery service for teachers, naturally!

What needs to happen next?

We are delighted to be working with Lauren at Baked to transition our Baristas into a more challenging High Street setting.
We eventually hope to secure our trainees jobs in well known high street coffee shops
Ashley, our very first Barista trainee, has already been offered a job at Cafe Domenica

Is your coffee company recruiting?

Email kate@thesandproject.co.uk


Accessibility and Inclusion in mainstream enterprise is the underlying principal of everything we do. What better way to showcase and share the creative talents of our community than a magazine that encourages as many young people as possible to Be Included, Get Involved.

See our most recent edition here


Greetings Cards

Our latest venture aims to celebrate the artistry of people with a little something special about them and we are proud to announce the launch of our first range of story greetings cards.

The very first retail outlet is, of course, Stars and Dandelions! But you can also order online here

Adam Robinson, a graduate of Northbrook College in Worthing, is the first artist we will promote after falling in love with his Top Trump Bot designs. Adam will be paid on a commission basis for every card sold by Visable Inc.

If you are interested in selling Top Trump Bot cards in your retail outlet, email hello@visableinc.co.uk

What's the big idea?

We aim to develop enterprises that are reputable and profitable. In this way we can become financially self-sufficient and continue to offer free training to as many young people, in as many different industries, as possible. But we believe it should not stop there.

These are our 5 a day expectations (5ade) necessary to promote meaningful SEND employment

1. CREATION of social enterprises in many different industries to provide as many choices and opportunities as possible.

We aim to introduce many more businesses in the future

2. TRAINING and specialist support for accreditation focused work experience, until trainees demonstrate appropriate confidence and skills.

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Enabling Enterprise, so we can deliver their Skills Builder programme to our trainees to promote work skills and employability.

3. PROMOTION amongst related industries to identify opportunities and ensure employers recognise, and are confident in, the skills of our trainees.

4. TRANSITION of our trainees into mainstream businesses, with employer and employee supported by our specialist team to ensure both parties are confident with the work relationship and expectations of the role.

5. IMMERSION of the SEND trainee is complete when transition support is no longer considered necessary, and they become a fully included part of the mainstream employee team.

Employment of the SEND community in mainstream industries should be accepted and expected.

The big dream is to establish the first University style residential experience to support the pathway to Independence.

Visit the Sands University dream

Connect with us

We look forward to working with you.


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