Boom to Bust By Jorge Vives

due to bad economy in rural America all of the family would have to work on the farms
1930's farmers still had very little money but with new difficultys drought and the dust bowl
women wearing short dresses not traditional
Women back to tradition staying at home with no job and taking care of children

The home life for American's changed a lot from the 1920's to the 1930's. Home life in the 1920's for Farmers did not change drastically but did have an impact. During the 1920 they had very little money and many had to sell their farms and move to cities for those who stayed it didn't get better in the next decade. In the 1930's in Central United States suffered a horrible drought which led to the dust storm. That covered all houses with dust and on the inside. Many farmers left their farms and headed towards the cities. Also for women it wasn't very good change. In the 20's women wood work and go out in short dresses. They fought for equal rights. Things changed for the worse with many men being laid off and business closing. Women left work so that men can work in their jobs. Forcing women to return to tradition and stay at home to do house chores and take care of the children. For most people in America Home life changed a lot from 1920's to the 1930's.

Harlem Renaissance jazz and music good for African Americans
Blacks were fired for whites to take their jobs
Mexican women working on farms in the 1920's
After Mexican Americans where so wanted in the 1920's most where deported to Mexico

Leisure time for Americans changed from the 1920's to the 30's. This was mostly because people couldn't afford the same things anymore. For instance going to clubs, Sunday drives and sporting events were activities that where very popular in the 20's but not in the 30's. For African American they usually listened to jazz and danced for leisure time. And the Harlem Renaissance faded away. And Mexican Americans had no free time as most were deported so that there is more jobs open for white men. With all theses difficulties particularity everyone went to the cinema to watch a film and forget about the hard times.

Stockbrokers selling stocks and nicely dressed
All stockbrokers lost millions and became poor
Proud business owners with nice clothing
Business owners in line for the soup kitchen after closing business

The Economy went down a huge hill in the 1330's compared to the 20's Almost everyone was in debt and one fourth of the population was in debt. For business owners especially small had to close there business and if they didn't most had to lay off workers. Also stockbrokers were affected badly. After being rich and having tons of money when the stock market crashed they lost everything. Just like Bankers they had no money to pay the people who wanted there money because of the stock market. Leaving almost everyone without being able to get their savings. Causing no one to have any money which is why it was the great depression.

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