Racing In The Rain Danielle Mullins

"Your car goes where your eyes go"(78).

This is significant because it mean that you can choose your own destiny.

"Except there was a darkness behind her eyes, a look like she had given up"(101).

It is significant because it means to me that she has given up and no one should ever give up.


It is significant because you never now what will happen until it happens.

"What a lazy dog". (108)

It's significant because people think your lazy when you really work hard and just need a breath.

"You're the only one." (107)

It's significant because it means that that one person is the one.


Created with images by ChristopherPluta - "rain after the rain a drop of" • smarko - "car supercar gt" • alex012 - "eye" • Jay Erickson - "road" • martinastley - "dog" • Ms. Phoenix - "Heart"

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