Florida Museum of Natural History - Sydney Weiner -

Nature on Display: In the butterfly exhibit, there were hundreds of butterflies from all around the world. This exhibit had an outdoor garden where you could interact with the butterflies, photos and displays for the various types of butterflies, and had a "butterfly nursery" where you could experience the transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly. I never imagined the immense amount of species of butterflies that existed, and I thought it was amazing that we had over 500 different species at the University of Florida. I thought it was amazing that we were able to interact all these butterflies up close and see their various designs. When I was little, I would always bring home caterpillars and watch them transform into butterflies, so seeing the butterflies reminded me of when I was little.

Nature and Ethics: In the Natural History Museum aside from the butterfly exhibit there are many other exhibits that allow people to learn more about nature and the world around us. I believe the Natural History Museum provided an experience like Leopold recommends by allowing one to get a better understanding of nature and connecting with nature. Walking around, I felt humbled by the immensity of the natural world and amazed by the beauty. The day I went there was an elementary school there on a field trip. In the butterfly exhibit it was amazing to see the joy on the kids’ faces as the butterflies flew around. The Natural History Museum really allowed the elementary school students and I connect with nature and remind me of my ethical responsibility to nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: I think the Natural History museum is great resource on campus and allows us to take a break from school and our ordinary lives. Going to the Natural History museum allowed me to forget about the exam coming up the the web assign due that night and focus on the beauty of the natural world. First, I went into the “butterfly dome” where they were flying around, then I walked to the “butterfly nursery” where caterpillars were transforming into butterflies. Seeing this transformation and see the beauty of nature allowed me to appreciate it more and remind me not to take the small things for granted.

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