Hurricanes seren gibbs

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a very big storm! It is a very windy one to! A hurricane can be a very dangerous storm. Some people get hurt some even die!!! You have to be very careful when it comes to hurricanes! Even thought it is in the water. Never be on a boat when a storm hits. You never now if there is going to be one.Oh and never go swimming either in a storm because it can pick you up and spin you around and aroun`d.They can be 600 miles long with winds between 74 and 200 miles long!!

How is it formed

Hurricanes form by the equrator.They form over warm water. It has to be very windy. And lots of rain. The clouds come together And the wind twirls it around and around . Its like a tornado; but on water.

how long does it last

Most hurricanes last 9 days .((Rally)) Short ones last 24 hawers or les.

How powerful can hurricane be?

A powerful hurricane can blow a scale out of the water! ((oh my GACH! I don' t want to be in a hurricane!!!!!!!!))

Where does it happen?

Hurricanes can happen a lot of places like in smell lakes and rivers.But there are a lot of really good places for hurricanes like the Gulf of mexico. And the Eastern percivic ocean . And Alantic ocean.

Interesting Facts

*Did you now that there is a person called a hurricane honter *.And the most dangerous hurricane is called the Keny choril shome it is located in the Bahamas


*huricane/ a big storm *dangerous/ some thing that can kill you or hrt you *form / 2 things that kreat something dangerous\ *equatr/ the middle of the earth

Thank you for reading my report about hurricanes

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