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Confucius was the founder Confucianism. All beliefs today within Confucianism were the beliefs of Confucius.

Confucianism was founded in China where Confucius lived.

Confucius devoted his life to educating and had over 3,000 decibels

Born September 28, 551 BC

Beliefs, Practices, and Rituals

  1. Confucius believed heaven is a positive and personal force of the Universe
  2. A philosophy or a religion that is a complete humanism where heaven is not suggested nor denied
  3. Many traditional religious beliefs are not mentioned in Confucianism
  4. Confucians often take the beliefs of other Chinese religions

Confucianism is considered polytheistic by it's followers, but is not viewed as a mono or polytheistic religion by the rest of the world.

Confucianism is an ethical religion of China

Symbol of Confucianism

The Ying Yang symbolizes two forces complementing each other rather than opposing each other.

Holy Books by Confucius

"The Book of History," "The Book of Poetry," "The Book of Changes," "The Book of Rites," and the "Spring and Autumn Annals."

Confucius Temple

Chinese people built temples for Confucius, however many were destroyed during the Qin Dynasty.

6,111,056 people are Confucians (0.09% of worlds population)

Dacheng Hall, Confucius Temple, Qufu

Cemetery of Confucius, Qufu


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