Service is Learning Service learning should be applied to public colleges in Virginia by the Virginia Department of Education

Service Learning is similar to community service, except for the fact that service learning is specified according to your major, or field of study, and the projects you do in the community revolve around that field.

These three fields of study include nursing, accounting, and education.

These are different examples of how college students can aid their community through their field of study.


Music Festivals.


Students with a major in Project Management can set up events that will bring a community together.

Building homes for those who cannot afford a home of their own

Students studying Architecture can design and raise money for impoverish families to build homes.

Gym Trainer and Elementary School Soccer Coach

Students studying any kind of physical training major can volunteer in different places to aid the physical well being of a community.

Academic Tutoring Sessions

Students studying to become teachers can tutor students who may have a difficult time learning the material they need for school.


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