My Future Jacob Merkle

What Will My Future Look Like:

In my future, I see myself graduating from high school, going to college, graduating college with a degree, and getting a job that I want with that degree.

Define Success:

Success is when you put in hard-work and dedication and it helps you achieve a goal that you want to accomplish.

My Personalities and Character:

-I would find myself to be Dependable, Intelligent, Persistent, Encouraging, Helpful, Reliable, Artistic, and Athletic I believe that -I have a great work ethic and am Always trying to work as hard as i can

Career Choices:

Aerospace Engineer, Robotics engineer, and Marketing Manager

Aerospace Engineer-

Salary: $67,850; hourly $36.62

Education: Minimum Bachelor's Degree

Skills Needed: Written, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, information ordering, and problem sensitivity

Work Environment: Work in a office, but also work in factories on projects

Average Work Week: Full time job, expect overtime

Fun Fact: Aerospace Engineers are Helping to build a space craft for the first manned mission to mars

Robotics Engineer-

Salary: $52,010; hourly $25.01

Education: Minimum Bachelor's Degree

Skills Needed: Attention to detail, analytical thinking, dependable, persistent, integrity, and flexibility

Work Environment: Usually work indoors at an office, can be noisy, and can be near hazardous machinery

Average Work Week: 40+ hours a week, expect overtime

Fun fact: Archytas, a Greek Mathematician and philosopher, created the first robot which was a mechanical bird

Marketing Manager-

Salary: $66,090; hourly $31.78

Education: Minimum Bachelor's Degree

Skills Needed: Pursue challenges, be helpful and curious, open-minded, communication, listen, and understand people

Work Environment: Mostly work in an office, but also travel to meet with clients or production teams

Average Work Week: 37+ hours a week, expect overtime

Fun Fact: Projected to grow 47% in next 15 years

College Choices:

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Florida

University of Minnesota:

I would attend the university of Minnesota-Twin Cities to be an aerospace engineer.

Georgia Institute of Technology:

in order to be a robotics engineer in my future i will be attending the Georgia institute of Technology. I chose this school because it has one of the top robotics programs in the country which will help me get the future career that i want.

University of Florida:

I would attend the university of Florida to be a marketing manager.

EverFi and Budgeting:

Everfi and the budgeting activity have really helped me to understand the difficulty in the real world when taking care of your money. Having a plan and figuring out where to place your money is very Crucial so you get the most out of it.

Making My Future a Reality:

steps I have to take In order to make the future happen that i just told you about.


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