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What do you already know?

What is a mate crime?

What is a mate crime?

When a person is harmed or taken advantage of by someone they thought was their friend

Types of mate crime

Sexual abuse is when you are made to do things by a 'friend' which you aren't comfortable with doing.

Examples of this could be someone trying to hold your hand, kiss you or touch you when you don't want to.

Physical abuse is when someone intentionally hurts you

Examples of this would be punching, kicking, hitting, poking, spitting, slapping, shoving, biting, burning, hair pulling

Emotional abuse is when somebody is mean to you regularly over a period of time, making you not feel you can be yourself

Examples of this are name calling, intimidation, humiliating, threatening, blaming, manipulating, not allowing to have friends

Financial abuse is when someone uses or misuses your money without your permission

Examples of this include not giving you the correct change, borrowing money and not paying you back, making online purchases without permission

Tell someone- what to do about mate crime

Watch our film below. The film follows the 'friendship' of Dom and Mandy. Can you spot what's not quite right? Ask yourself through out this film 'would a real friend do that?'

Is this a mate crime?

Below are 4 videos, each one will give you a scenario but is it a mate crime?

A new friend borrows £10- is this a mate crime?

A friend shoves you- is this a mate crime?

A friend calls you a nasty name- is this a mate crime?

A friend pressures you to kiss them- is this a mate crime?

Signs of mate crime

What are the signs of mate crime?

Mate crime is often hidden but it is important to know what signs to look for

What to do about mate crime

who to contact

Phone your local police

999 in an emergency or 101

Report it online

To your local police, this is ours in Cumbria

Or on the true vision website


Download an easy read reporting form

contact citizens advice bereau or stop hate uk, who can report it for you



Call NSPCC or child line who can help you report it to the police

NSPCC- 08088005000

Child line- 08001111

Tell your parent, carer or support worker- they will support you to report it

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